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  1. Hello All, After a 7 year wait, I won my VA appeal. The problem is my new rate (1 July) and retro pay are calculated by the "Veteran Alone" rate. I have a spouse and child. I checked Ebenefits and the dependent status is correct there. I'm not sure how a mistake like that can be made. I called the 800 number which was a waste of time. A rep from IRIS was able to take action. She said she would send a notice over to the "Dependent Dept." Has anyone encountered anything like this? Is there a way to follow-up. How long should this take? I can remember it took a year for VA to
  2. Finally, received the denial letter from the VA Medical Center. It reads that Benzoyl Peroxide 8% has no impact on clothing. Has there been a change to the approved skin creams listed for CA?
  3. I'm being denied 2013 clothing allowance because the prescribed cream, benzoyl peroxide, I'm taking is for the face. I was issued a CA last year for the same condition. I haven't received a denial letter yet, but I got a call from prosthetics today. Has anybody heard of such nonsense?
  4. After three months in the gathering of evidence phase, I started doing some research. I called a couple of providers I listed on the 21-4142 I sent my regional office. I learned that those providers have not received a request for my medical records to support my claim. Ebenefits read evidence requested is past due. HOWEVER, the regional office had never requested any medical records from those providers. I sent a certified letter to the regional office a week ago stating that fact, and I see they have re-started the gathering of evidence phase. I know every case is different. But if you'
  5. I also applied for dual and havent heard anything yet. no letter and anything. The prosthetics dept says check back after 31 Oct
  6. Subpart VI, Section A covers Administrative Reviews regarding C&P: http://www.benefits.va.gov/WARMS/M21_1MR3.asp
  7. An administrative review upholds or overturns a decision already made. http://www.benefits.va.gov/warms/docs/admin28/m28/part3/ch03/ch03.doc
  8. here's further VA guidance on administrative review: www.benefits.va.gov/warms/docs/admin28/m28/part3/ch03/ch03.doc
  9. could it be standard procedure for reopening a denied claim? will wait and see.
  10. After my second denial for hypertension, I sent VA additional evidence to reopen my denied claim. Coincidentally, some of the “new and material” evidence I sent them was evidence I requested from my C-file. It was my BP reading (140/90) from a foreign QTC exam. I don’t believe it was considered previously. I remembered I had that QTC exam less than a year of seperating service. Today Ebenefits now shows the claim open and it reads administrative review > under review. What does this mean? Internal CUE? Any thoughts?
  11. it showed up on the va downloaded letter two days after the decision date. thanks, hulamatt!
  12. My current rating is for my ankle injury 20% and bells palsy 10%
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