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  1. You made the right choice. Congrats. :)
  2. East

    Please Give Me Some Advice!

    I appreicate your service in the armed forces and I'm sorry you're going though difficult times. I pray that Lord bless you and provide whatever you need from the VA. I am very happy and fill with joy that you have Jesus in your life and acknowledge Him. Always remember "The Lord will never forsake you nor will He leave you." I will keep you in my prayers and your family as well. May the Lord continue to bless you and your family and may all your plans succeed. Blessings
  3. What does "bump" means???
  4. I love this website... thanks for the info
  5. I already did the VA exams but when you do a MED BOARD packet... your CO has to write an non-medical assessment... mainly on your job performance since the injury/illness occured and how injury/illness affected your performance on the job and what steps needed to be taken to help individual. MEB Board takes whatever the CO mentioned in the letter into consideration and it can help or discredit myself when it comes to my VA and DOD findings or percentage. So... I was wondering if you anyone on this site has gone through a MED Board wether for medical retirement/medical discharge. Base on what the CO has written concering me is it a good non-medical assessment? If not, then please give input if anything is missing such as does my CO need to state medical condination/s in the non-medical assessment report? And so on.
  6. I don't know if you any of you went through the Med Board... but just want to get some info on what you think of my CO non medical assessment Commanding Officer comments: JOHN DOE has been an outstanding sailor but due to injuries suffered during his military training affected his performance. He is unable to run, perform moderate to heavy lifting, or stand for extended periods of time. He also has problems walking long distances. His current condition interferes with his ability to carry out the basic functions required when performing the duties as an Aviation Machinist Mate. Therefore, JOHN DOE had been placed in the TOOL ROOM . JOHN DOE is a great asset to the Tool Room, but with his present medical conditions, he is a burden to the workcenter due to the amount of time lost while attending numerous physical therapy and other associated medical appointments.
  7. East


    I was talking to my friend about his experince during his VA exams and he said he was touching his toes but in great pain when he did. And he mentioned during the formal board he played freeze bee (however you spell it) but he couldn't play for long because of his back and shoulder. During the interview they kept asking questions why you didn't make rank? The board was pounding the question why didn't you make rank? I don't want it to happen to me because I believe I should be able to get the 30% but stupid questions like that makes me worry. Well, I believe he got rated low because during the VA exam he manged to touch his toes but he had lots of pain when performing the exericise. And the fact he mentioned playing freeze bee at his formal board interview. ________________________________________________________________________________ ___ I had my VA exams for my MEB packet but I couldn't touch my toes and certian things I couldn't perform for the examier. When the Doc asked me, "How are you feeling?" I reply,"Not too good, I am taking it day by day." I didn't like my PTSD exam because it only lasted 15 mins. My PTSD examiner asked the question why haven't I made rank... and I said I was so stress over the MST event that I didn't care. My emotions flip flop so one minute I will have emotions and the next I will feel nothing for no one or anything, so I don't care. Before I sign the MEB packet to be sent to Washington I will make sure to review it the VA exmas and make sure everything is correct. Thanks you so much for your info.
  8. East


    Thank you Berta, and Larry for your replies. Yes, I was diagnosed and its medically-documented as PTSD (MST). Yes, I do have ankle, both knees, back and both feet x ray. I do have have problems with the right side of my hip which is medically-documented. As for PTSD the board will look at it but its secondary from my OA in my left knee and bilateral flat feet. I am asking because a friend went to the formal board and the board members were asking questions about him not making rank. My friend said the interview went good but when the Board came back with his findings it was still 10%. My friend has a broken back and shoulder problems. My concern is the fact they asked him about him not making rank. I've been struggling with my Left knee and flat feet. My doctor MED board me because the amount of arthritis I have in my left knee. Right now my left knee is bone to bone rubbing against its each other. My doc said I cannot do high impact activities no longer. Now, my feet and right knee is getting worse.
  9. I'm troubled because I am HYT 8 years. I have major issues with my left knee and problems with flat feet and lower back problems. The reason why I haven't made rank because I have PTSD. It’s been a struggle with my PTSD because I keep forgetting stuff and the majority of time I don't care about nothing. I am being boarded for OA in my left knee and bilateral flat feet. My question is since I am HYT over 8 years will the MEB just dismiss my case discharge without benefits or award me a low rating since I am HYT??? I have posted at the PEB and MEB site but I am hoping maybe someone on this site has been through the same situation as I. Thank you
  10. I heard if you get the surgery the VA only rates you at 30%. CPAP machine you are rated 50%.
  11. Well, I am still Active Duty but I have PTSD. Currently going through the Med Board process. It is my plan to continue my education and see if I can be able to work with my PTSD. I don't remember the post I read but it was going back and forth about a person that has PTSD cannot attend school because it will jeopardize your rating with the VA. Then another reply on the post saying you can attend school with PTSD which will not affect your rating with the VA... so it was very confusing for me. So I had to ask so I can get a clear understanding of the situation. Thanks for clearing it up for guys
  12. Thanks guys for your info. I was reading another post in regards to school and PTSD. On the post someone mentioned you cannot go to school if you have PTSD because it will throw a red flag to VA. Anyways, thank guys for your reply.
  13. I need to have a understanding of the matter of PTSD vs School... say if your rated 50% below you cannot use the GI BIll or for that matter cannot attend school???
  14. Ok... I will... thank you so much for helping me out.
  15. What do you mean by waivers? So I can have a clear understanding. Be very careful about signing any waivers too

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