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  1. Attorney sent in a waiver to fee, and va still released funds to them(VLG) is there any thing I can do about that? Also is there any way I can get them removed as attorney of records they hadn't worked on my case since 2012 ,but I'm represented by VSo now
  2. I just completed c&p exam for my bilateral hips after replacement September 30. I had another c&p exams for psoas tightness after hip replacement (secondary) I was wondering would this be pyramiding because psoas controls hip flexion, but I told examiner that it's my lower back that hurts the most because of psoas tightness.
  3. I was awarded 100% temporary disability for both hips, temporary 100% ran out for both hips June 1st and reduced to 30% for each hip . I was given c&p last month for my hips. My question is since I have an appeal in about intial rating of my hips, can I be given a new rating for c& p took last month or will I have to wait until my appeal is heard?
  4. I had both hips replaced last year one in January and the other one in April. I was granted temporary 100% for my left one and reduced to 30 % in March of this year. I never received temporary 100% temporary for my right hip. I have an appeal in for my initial rating of 10 % of both hips, I talked to someone on the 1 800 number and said they grouped my temporary in with my appeal. Should this be so?
  5. I'm set to have my hearing at the VBA, Sept 10. I am going for increase of bilateral hip arthritis rated at 10%. I was wondering can I use a case out of the 1st Circuit Court of Appeals, dealing with pain. Case is Saunders v.acting secretary Wilkie. The three panel judges ruled in veteran favor that pain is a disability. I was treated in pain clinic for years ,for bilateral hip pain. 17-1466.Opinion.4-2-2018.1.PDF
  6. E- Benefits has me rated at 20% for bilateral severe arthritis of hips, but also states I have secondary bilateral knee rated at 10% for each and 10% for lower back
  7. I'm service connected for bilateral severe O.A hips 10%,secondary lumbar sprine,10% left and right knee 10%.My case was remanded back to R.O for further development for my increase for hips O.A and to set C&P for my throat claim. My question is if granted increase rate for my hips and granted service connection for throat would I have to file for I.U or will they simply grant it if my ratings me the criteria.
  8. I haven't worked in 9yrs, been receiving non service connected pension. My current rating is 20%,but Sept 15 vba remanded my claim for increase to r.o for my claims regarding my hips and throat disabilities. I have hypertrophied tonsils 0%service connected, trying to claim sleep apnea as secondary to throat disability if granted this increase for my hips and sleep apnea, I hope it qualify me for I.U
  9. Vocational rehab already says that I can't do any sitting or standing, that help me get pension, I have severe o.a in both hips bone on bone,I know I can't qualify for individual unemploybilty with 20% that's why I appealed that rating and it is remanded now for further development, my question really should have been can I still file for I.U for claim on appeal
  10. I was awarded 20% ,the vba just remanded back to r.o because I had filed for an increased rating dating back to my initial service connection of 2009, stated my claim needed to be developed further
  11. I was awarded non service connected pension for my bilateral hip problems in 2009, I later was service connectioned for them with award date of 2009. Since same policy under cfr38 4.16 an4.17 govern unemploybilty, should I be able to claim unemploybilty now that I am service connected for my hips.
  12. I am rated at 10% for malunion of the tibia and fibula left knee,10% for malunion of the tibia and fibula right knee, 10% lumbar strain, 10% for left hip, 10% right hip what would be my total rating and would I be able to get unemploybilty rating since I have not been working since 2009 and drawing pension for war time vets.
  13. If anyone could help me find Va regulations regarding connecting lower back stain to cause hip problems any help would be greatly appreciated.
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