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  1. This has been a long cruise for sure. Thanks for the words.


  2. Does the VA pay a temp payment until retro pay is calculated and award letter is issued?
  3. Awarded SMC had no idea what it was. Been waiting since Sep 2017. Retro back till 09. Starting Anchor pool to pick pay day any takers !LOL
  4. I have a question about SMC S-1. Will the rates increase at the same rate and time as regular compensation. Does the 10 year DIC for spouse start at the retro date. Same thing for the 20 year guarantee of rating. Does SMC s-1 have the same benifits as 100% ,TDIU ect? Where can I finds some simple language explanation of SMCS-1 Thank you
  5. Are SMC (s) and 100% paid at the same time? 100% or TDIU are required to get SMC (s) dose that mean you get paid for both. Thank you
  6. Approved SC 80%( 70% mental) 30% neuropathic pain of scare 10% Tinnitus by BVA JAN 2017. Lawyers are telling me I will be receiving SMC (S). I am so confused by reading about SMC. Could I get SMC with 80% total. Retro from 40% to 80% back until 2008 and a start date for SMC 2009( no Month. I started receiving 80% in Sep2017. It seems SMC pay can be awarded on a "as needed" Basis when seen by ratings officer? I under stand I will just have to wait and see! Just want to know how i could get housebound SMC (S) at 80%. Can the final award change? Could I be going to be awarded 100% or TDIU in the finale letter that tells me amount awarded for retro pay? Thank you
  7. I am a still confused about retro pay. Currently I am rated at 80% I just received 70% in may 2017 for depression with an effective date of May 2008. I had been rated at 40% with 30% for pain, 10% for tinnitus. I had been receiving $651 from the VA with the Navy taking away $651 every month. I understand this to some degree. I think? My question is will DOD- pay my retro pay? I received $470 payment from the VA for some reason last week. Will I get the 80% payment back to 2008? Thank you all for your time here. I am tried frustrated with this claim. Always darkest before the dawn I hope.
  8. Thank you I think we should be able to check how is working on our case every day. I sure hope one day it will be that way!
  9. Thank you Berta I just reread my post what a mess that is. Sorry about that. May be a good refection of how I am doing today. Yes I will stay in touch here when I get the SOC. Thank you for you help.
  10. Thank you No I never received a letter from the VARO. The BVA was just confirming they awarded the service connection. No award was in the letter. They said the RO would do that. I am awaiting for signatures now that is it. Thanks a lot now I know and I guess It will be what ever they want to give me. I guess I can appeal if need be. Thanks for the info!
  11. I have been reading here for a very long time and posted a few times as well. My question is I thought the BVA was the last step of my appeal. As many of you know I was wrong. Now here is where I (think) I am. BVA approved my claim I received a letter stating that fact. The BVA returned my claim to my state RO. Now the best I can tell is the RO has completed the rating and dating portion. Can someone tell me where is the next "approval" step takes place. I have an attorney and have been advised things are going well. Over ten years and I should have built some patents right? Oh no not me I recall every day of this, what ever it is, has taken. Each birthday, Christmas, New Years day, Thanksgiving day, and all of it. The fact that the day would be better if I could have closure with this issue. The money has nothing to do with it any more. I am use to being with out so much it matters not. Never thought I would have gotten to this point of numbness. I came here today to thank all of you here. The name of "here" has changed of coarse, but not the minded patriots that have formed an invaluable asset for people like myself. I came here many times just to gain hope when it was looking very dark.. So thank you all for your support over the years. I hope to be able to put my VA claim issue to rest. I may return here from time to time I hope so. One day maybe what I have been through will help someone. Again you the core of this asset thankyou is all I can say. sorry if I have rambled here. Bitter sweet comes to mind when I think I no longer will need what is so gracefully dispensed here for those of use in need. I almost forgot. Where has my claim gone? I have to do this. How long will it take before I get my final award? sorry lol Humbly yours
  12. boatman

    Banned From The Va

    Boatman I was tossed from the Atlanta VA office by the DAV people that were on my side! I think I said something about someones Mom? I called them and talked with some people and they let me back. I was claiming mood disorder!!! I hope this will help.
  13. boatman


    Greetings all I am a Navy vet with 20% rating disabled 10% tinitus 10% pain of scare. I was a Chief Boatswainmate and served from 1977 till 1997. I was injured on a ship at sea, a hernia and not treated for two years. I was given motrin and sent back to work. I now have disabling nerve damage and chronic pain. I underwent 5 operations for repair of the hernia on active duty one of witch was nerve removal. This is a great site I hope to share my plight and have all ready learned a lot. It is great to be here and thanks.

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