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  1. So what does it mean? Can we fly Space A or not? I read that one Commander told the transportation servicemen something like this 'They better damn well help any disabled person onto the plane' after this was passed and the transport/terminal workers were still acting like they didn't understand that 100% disabled were now allowed to fly Space A. I just can't remember what forum I read it on. It might have been on Facebook's Patrick AFB Passenger Terminal site. Let's look into this and not let it go.
  2. Well I think I figured this out after doing hours of research. From what I read about this bill being passed so that 100% DAV will be able to travel on Space A flight this is the story: Republican "Buck" McKeon from California introduced this bill in a huge FY 2013 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) that allows Secretary of Defense authority to re-establish a space-available travel program; prescribe regulations; and provide transportation to "other categories of individuals as the Secretary considers appropriate. On June 14, 2014 the bill had three amendments (changes) to it. This bill made it through the amendments and nothing was undone to the original bill as far as allowing the 100% DAV's to travel Space A. Because it takes 90 days to become law after the amendments were made that means we need to count 90 days from June 14, 2014 so that brings it to September 14, 2014. Today is September 13, 2014 so theorietically a 100% DAV should be able to go to their local base and sign up for Space A starting tomorrow. Hopefully I read everything correctly and it all works out. For years now I have been checking the status of this every so often because I feel it is such a discrimination against the disabled vets not to allow them to travel Space A. I also checked with an official from the government about this a several months ago and they said it would pass before the end of the year (probably in Aug-Sep) so it sounds like this is for real. Keeping my fingers crossed and praying to God.

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