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  1. Thanks for that intel, CavTrooper. It was utilized & is bearing fruit as you read this right now. Thanks again.
  2. Wow, that's pretty awesome that you lit a fire under their butts like that back in May. Trust me, I know what you're going through when you have to do something like that. I had to pull some strings like that when getting some senior ranking officials' attention when it came to issues concerning my mental/physical abuse that led to my suicide attempt in the Army. As far as you contacting the "higher ups" as you called it concerning your claim that sat for several months untouched, who exactly are you referring to or what position/office do they hold? We may obviously be in same regions, so giv
  3. Then again I've also started checking other's stories out here on the forum and there seem to be a few stories developing with similar traits as far as the claim statuses advancing. What I'm wanting to know is how promising this new development is. If any of yall vets are in the same boat as me right now how long from the point of "preparation for decision" to "complete" does it typically take? I know times can vary widely depending on the VARO so anybody can feel free to chime in with their input. It would be much appreciated. I am from the Waco VARO, so if anybody else is from my area, too
  4. Well, just about at the point where I was about to let go and fall into another one of my deep depressions and have another manic episode or so it would've seemed, I went online and signed onto ePeggy and, fully expecting to see the same thing I've seen for almost two years ("gathering evidence", a.k.a. "gathering dust") I saw something completely different: the status was "Preparation For Decision" and in my letter generator the letter available for me to print out and prove to people how much disability percentage and payment I receive monthly was not available online. This has peaked my cu
  5. that sounds like something else completely new & unrelated. I'm sure by the time you're getting this you've already tended the problem you've described, but I can tell you from personal experience with venlafaxine I have never experience similar symptoms ranging from the buttocks area down to the calf muscle. Your assumption of a pinched sciatic nerve would've been my first guess if you hadn't even mentioned sciatica as a matter of fact. Do you carry your wallet in your back pants pocket on that side? If so is the wallet a thick wallet? In other words just be looking out for all differen
  6. I hear you loud and clear on that, rpowell... I'm so sick and tired of not being able to even function at all albeit on any all natural psycho-social level at all. At least on that level I wouldn't be suffering from the side effects of these purportedly less used psych meds that our VA still uses on us guys and gals. Sounds like this new stuff is doin' you pretty rough. Take it easy for a few days & be noting any unique symptoms or particularities you get hit with.I just checked out the Mirtazapine drug facts and it seems like it has some pretty sedative side effects -- something
  7. Wow, rpowell. This is very interesting news to see you going through all this with the venlafaxine, too like me. My VA doc here in San Angelo, TX has me on two 75 mg venlafaxine tablets twice a day (for a total dosage of 300 mg). Back in December 2011 I had a lapse in prescription refills and didn't have any of my meds whatsoever for 6 or 7 days. The withdraws were undescribably wretched. It eventually led to a mental break and stay in an inpatient facility but now that I'm "better", I'm on this venlafaxine dosage. One missed dosage (if I miss my mid-day dose before my bedtime dose) is eno
  8. 11-Charlie, I could swear you were reading my mind when you did your most recent reply. You & me both man. If I went up to my RO I'd be on every watch list this government makes up and has to offer (already am on homeleand security for forgetting to take my fighting knife out of my assault pack before flying out of nashville when i was stationed at campbell. HA!) Red tape this, red tape that. CRAP!!!!!! You & I & every other veteran knows full well what being fed a line of crap sounds like. Afterall, we all spent years in the service being led by men ahead of us who were just
  9. Spec-4 & Eagle Eye, your replies are greatly appreciated. if you ask my wife she'll tell you "checking my hadit" is one of the few things I look forward to anymore. I really don't get out anymore. Haven't had any legitimate friends per se, just acquaintances thru the in-laws church. Yalls prayers are truly appreciated & I mean it. I am a firm believer in the power of prayer. I just have to deal with this while I have to deal with it, know what I mean? EagleEye, I got my SSI starting at the beginning of this year. That is minimal and of course I have the amount the VA gives me to
  10. Darcy, Ironically walmart is probably the last place I ought to go without my lorazepam in my pocket. I, like you, usually leave either angry or annoyed. Although, I try to go when not as many people are there which is usually "after hours". My wife & my family in our hometown also encourages me to get out and do things so I'm not constantly stuck at home by myself. I am glad at least that I have some income for my family even though I scrape together what I can at the end of the month. Most of the time this unemployment situation leaves us running out of money a week & a half
  11. eagle-eye, by the way that wasn't necessarily directed toward you. I'm just feeling burned from this claims process & all the other lack of quality care to say the least without going into full detail. sorry if i came off as a total ranter. i can't work, so i stay home the entire day and this is my only social interaction with the exception of the lady at the checkout aisle at walmart or the guy behind the counter at the gas station.
  12. eagle-eye, I know full well this is just wishful thinking, BUT.... if this [claims/c&p] administrative side of the VA got their act together by educating their telephone operators to legitimately issue answers other than the robotic, cookie cutter ones you & I have been getting then we as a veteran community just MIGHT become a little less disenchanted with this ever tainted excuse for a veteran "care" organization. If enough of us veterans and veteran supporters came to learn that the adjudicating side of the house was actually getting their stuff together rather than blowing us
  13. SPC4, I'm thinking it's a safe bet to assume the guys on the line only choose to issue a few general bull$ answers in order to get through the mile long line of veterans waiting on the call queue. Mind if I ask what your 100% is from or as a result of? I do understand part of the reason for my extended wait is the backlog is the agent orange claims and THAT I am far more than fine with. My wife's friend she grew up with now works for the Waco VARO processing claims and she made the mistake of coming over my mother in law's house the other day after I was feeling the usual jaded about t
  14. Guys this stuff happened to me just today.I went to see if my claim had been rated &decided upon and after 7 months of sitting idle in the decision phase it seemingly randomly jumped back to the development phase! I've had my IU claim in since October '10, and it's been in the decision phase since approximately March '11 this year. Today, during my daily self humoring check of my ebenefits claims status page I was shocked to see a change, especially a backward one. I did some calling around & visiting the county va office here in Abilene & was able to come to the conclusion that
  15. Hey everyone. By now I've grown accustomed to the idea that the VAROs are full of unpleasant surprises and the claims process is as unpredictable as can possibly be. The initial development phase lasted a few short months and then went to the decision phase where it sat for a good 6 more months. I would check it daily anxiously waiting for a final shift to the notification stage. After enough reminders from fellow vets and one solid bit of information from a friend who actually adjudicates claims in the Waco VARO I cam to realize the IU claims from my phase of the wars were pushed back due t
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