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  1. dogface

    Finally A C&p Examm

    Update to this. I asked for a copy of the c&p earlier this month and it came today. Although my ROM is less than normal the examiner gave the dreaded "less than not expected". I'm pretty bummed, will hope the RO is more generous...
  2. Great advice. I found mine to follow exactly how you said, I wish I had better prepared notes as to how my injury affected me in my daily life. Great post. Thanks!
  3. Hi All, After over 21 months I had a c&p exam for my back injury two days ago. The advice here was invaluable. The only thing I wasn't prepared for was the examiner's question," So how is this affecting your life?",Other than that I would advise anyone to thoroughly read the advice available here, and there is no hurrying the process. Best to all, Dogface...
  4. dogface

    Ptsd Claim

    Thank you guys for the input. I appreciate it very much. I do take it day by day, trying to keep myself reined in and under control. Don't let the bad one in...
  5. So I have filed a claim for PTSD, in the meantime the VA psychiatrist has been treating me - diagnosed me with PTSD- and now that I have been on the meds for 6 weeks I am feeling 50-60% better. So when the time comes for a C&P for my claim I will not be getting the rating I feel I should get because I am in better condition. Is that a Catch 22?
  6. dogface

    Gonna Take The Plunge

    A quick correction here. I was first seen by a psychologist in August of last year. For my regular 6 month Doctors visit this February I was in the throes of a full blown anxiety episode and was at that time offered a visit to the psychologist at that time. I declined because he was not wanting to do anything but talk, and I wanted medication. They then set me up with my first visit to a psychiatrist, not a new psychiatrist. I understand now that the psychologists evaluate and offer therapy or chit chat, and psychiatrists treat witth medications...
  7. dogface

    Gonna Take The Plunge

    Hi to all, It's been awhile. I got my records from the VA including the first visit to a new psychiatrist in early March, and my axis 1 -5. Axis I - Depression disorder nos PTSD. Axis II - None Axis III - Hypertension Hyperlipidemia LBP Diabetes Axis IV - Family Conflict Axis V - 55 The shrink has me on pills, 30mg of prozac and 3 trazadones a day. So far so good I'd say. I also got a request from the VA wanting more information as to my filing a claim for PTSD in Jan. In that filing I listed 4 stressors and they only need more information on 1 event. I take that to mean they have been able to find the other 3. Anyone care to comment? Yall been a heap a blessings....
  8. dogface


    Thanks very much.
  9. I was in Korea in 1978-1980 and remember spraying chemicals for weed control. I also moved some drums of unknown chemicals to a "dump". I am sure they were nothing to worry about right? If so , there is nothing I can do about it now...
  10. I was wondering about how open to be with the VA psychiatrist. I know it sounds stupid but this stuff goes in my file for outsiders to see. If a person goes in and says things like they are having bad thoughts about suicide or violence do they get committed?
  11. dogface

    Mileage Reimbursement !

    I have 3 back related appts scheduled for January, I will try every time and update you all...
  12. dogface

    Gonna Take The Plunge

    I only saw the DX , have not read the full report. I need to read it. It is a weird situation for me, having all been set in motion from the questionnaire I filled out before my original visit with my primary care doc. It's funny to me the psychiatrist has been more evaluating me than anything else. DX of depression and anxiety, R/O ptsd... and I suppose he's not a believer in dispensing drugs, I've been offered none.
  13. dogface

    Gonna Take The Plunge

    There to infront of PTSD,but what get me is the dr never offers any mess, just wants to tal. Last thing I want to do...
  14. I am confused, possible enemy or terrorist activity is not the main consideration for a ptsd rating?

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