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Sleep Apnea

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Back when I had my first sleep test I was on imimpramine at bedtime.

For the folks that have a lttle bit of trouble getting to sleep in a strange setting, I suggest taking a sleep aid before the test begins.

You have to 'sleep' for the equipment to monitor your condition.

I was so sleep deprived that I fell asleep immediately and the tech had to wake me up in order to try the CPAP machine. I couldn't eat a meal without falling asleep.

My machine was set on 16, higher than they normally start out at, in order to knock out the apnea.

After 4 hours on the machine I felt noticably more awake the first morning.

Sleep apnea can kill you. It can drive you into insanity. It can give you a severe personality disorder. It can make you hurt all over and compromise your memory functions. It can turn you into a mean drunk without drinking.

Get a valid test so you can get the CPAP and get some of your life back.

Make sure you get a heated humidifier with it so your nose and sinuses don't mutiny.


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Good post. If you are tired and doze off and snore loudly all good reasons to be tested.

The Dallas VA does not like to give the humidifed CPAP and if you have sleep apnea you should demand it.

My allergies are much better and I can actually breat during the day. I also go to sleep and don't wake up till Mrs Pete tells me to get up now.

I use a CPAP for 4 to 6 hours every night. Until I got used to it I rarely slept more than 15 or 20 minutes.

I cannot sleep without it now.

I had to get tested a few times and I found that an extra xanax did the trick for me.

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They are doing a Sinus Surgery with the straightening of the septum and cartorizing the turbinates in the nose to lessen the effects of sleep apnea and snoring. For some,it also helps them tolerate the cpap machine at night. I had it last thursday and I dont reccommend it unless you have to. Very painful afterwords and I cannot smell or taste anything. I had it done outside of the VA.

Sledge, sleep apnea can cause hypertension and the dreaded pulmonary hypertension. Very bad issue.

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When I found out I had sleep apnea, I was a wreck - I had gained 80 lbs, I was depressed, on the verge of going insane. I was on the CPAP for a little over a year. I have managed to lose all but 20 lbs I put on and now am at the point with the sleep apnea all I need is the breath right strips. I am much happier and get quality sleep! You don't realize what sleep does for you till you go without it for a few years.

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"You don't realize what sleep does for you till you go without it for a few years."

That's what I'm talking about!

My blood pressure has normalized, g.e.r.d. is gone, sore belly is much improved, incontinance is cured and as long as I keep taking stuff for the PTSD my family can almost stand to be around me.

However, both knees and both ankles will have to be replaced in the near future.

The cpap didn't do anything to help the arthritis.

As long as nobody is distracting me I can almost think straight.

The cpap suppliers have many different types of machines and at least 3 different types of masks and several different designs for nasal pillows.

The main problem that I hear about is getting used to the machine.

Pain is a thing of the past.

If it hurts you have not found the correct appliance.

Personally, I got used to the machine in 5 minutes but I went through several different designs of face gear before I found out 'what does not' cause me discomfort.

The first mask made the bridge of my nose so sore I could not touch it for 3 days.

Then I spent a long time using the nasal pillows.

I'm back on the nasal mask now because the design got better and I kept losing the pillows during nightmares.

Do whatever you have to do but, use the cpap and get some sleep.


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