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Good morning, I'm going to file a claim for problems in my right knee that I think are due to imbedded shrapnel-it's sore all of the time. I went to VA Doc and he gave me Vicodin which says on the label "Don't drive" while taking. I also have arthritis issues with both knees. Any suggestions on filing this claim? Thanks.

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Pete- welcome aboard-

You should certainly file on the knee problem and also add the arthritis as secondary as I imagine it is affecting that knee.

Since this might be your first claim- do you have your service med recs to prove the injury in service-like X rays-or treatment notes. If the PH is on your DD 214 that would do it without those records.

If you still have a visible and painful scar put that in the claim too.

Veteran- now is the time to consider something else - schrapnel comes from the known stressor of receiving incoming- if you believe you might have PTSD from that or anything else in service put that into your claim too.

Thank you for your service!

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Hi Berta, thanks for the reply. I've been on this board before about my PTSD claim and have had some dialogue with you. Your knowledge is amazing. Anyway, my previous SO never suggested I file a claim for the knees. My scars (10-12 of them) are only about an inch long. Should I file this claim while my ptsd claim is pending? It supposedly is at the RO's desk. Supposedly being the key word. Berta, back in October you posted that although your time is limited, I could contact you for advice for a NOD on my ptsd claim when it comes. May I still do that? Thanks.

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Sorry about that Pete- some of you look different to me on the new board.

I certainly would add the scars to the knee claim-if they are tender scars put that in too-

and email me or post at my message thing here at hadit- if you need NOD help-

It is a shame that we always have to anticipate filing a NOD-even if we have a solid claim- one never knows what the VA will do.

But a denial under Reasons and Bases,will state exactly what the VA needs in order to award the claim.

If the veteran can satisfy what they want with additional evidence, they cannot come up with more reasons and bases.

Also the List of evidence used could be leaving something out that is critical.

And an assignment of the wrong diagnostic code could get a rating lower than it should be.

I was just talking to a VARO employee- they are under so much pressure that they are skimming through some of the claims-

One of my vets had a 6 page statement he was going to submit as NOD-

all he needed to send was the evidence they wanted-which he had obtained.

His NOD was reduced to one brief page referring to attached copies of VA medical evidence.

I should talk- I had sent them a lot for my present claim-17 submissions of medical evidence and 2 IMOS-

that has all been reduced significantly-

but it all lent to a preponderance of evidence. I know they will never read it all.

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Hi Berta, on my c&p report the VA Psychiatrist (resident) put on axis I that I had ptsd AND major depression. The RO asked for a second opinion to see if the ptsd and mdd were related or separate. The addendum report said he (the second resident psychiatrist) couldn't separate the two and that the mdd was "as least as likely as not" related to the ptsd. The first va doc also said in he report that i had no friends and significant problems with relationships. Then she gave me a GAF score of 69. I looked that score up and it says with a score of 69 a person is functioning well and has good interpersonal relationships. What's up with all that? While I'm at it they gave me Vicodin for my knee pain-8 a day- it says don't drive-how do th

ey expect you to function? Thanks. P.S. I'm particularly interested in your opinion of my first question about the ptsd and mdd.

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Pete, I read of your current situation(s) with my deepest regrets. A lot of what you're going through is where I'm at right now. Many of you fellas and gals always seem to ask the questions I have, so thankfully you don't have to hear of my ongoing woes too. So many of you rate higher than me on the pain threshold and my heart goes out to you. Many of you are really even an inspiration to me.

Anyway the point of my submission this morning is Berta. I have to throw in my admiration too, Pete.

I'm not sucking up to her mind you B) but I gotta offer another Thank You for us ALL.

Lady, you are not only an encyclopedia of knowledge about our common adversary, The Veterans Administration, but you've been offering more than that. MUCH more than that. YOU GIVE US HOPE .

Carry On and

Semper Fi

Edited by BobG
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And please, anyone else with advice or an opinion, feel free to join in. My anxiety level with the VA is over the top. I used to call the 800# to see how my claim was coming along, but I think each person I talked to just made stuff up. In the beginning I thought the VA was on my side. B)

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