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Pete- personal experience showed me that this could hold up a claim for three more months.

The Congressperson upon receipt of your complaint , will send you an authorization form to sign and send back to them for VA purposes (Privacy Act etc)

Then someone at the Congressional Inquiry VARO desk (usually an overworked adjudicator wearing two hats) gets the complaint, gets out the c file and then prepares the most self serving letter they can to the Congressman.

It most likely will only hold up your claim for a few more months.The VA is used to Congressional inquiries and are not intimidated by them.

How long has it been ?

Have you responded to them with everything they have asked for?

Is there anything else you can send them?

Here in Buffalo VARO- claims are taking three months to three years.

I filed in Jan 2003 and am in DRO review- almost three years-which is just about the time it took them to award my last claims. Knowing I waited three years plus in the past made me realise I would probably get another 3 year haul-

This same VARO has made awards in 3 months to 2 of my vets, one went from 40 to 100%- the other went from "0" to TDIU. Enough evidence was sent in at the time with the initial claims to make fast award.

But if they had gotten a different adjudicator if could have been much longer.

I should have had a DRO review in June. A lot got screwed up. That DRO retired-putting me on another DRO shelf for many months.

What are they saying at the 800#?

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Hi Berta. It originally went to the rating board in Sept., was sent out for a second opinion that took 60 more days, and now according to the 800# went back to the rating board in mid Nov. In late Nov. I got a letter, "big backlog, don't call us, we'll call you, 60 more days, etc". I guess I'm just anxious and impatient. Being driven by getting close to losing my small home, dead broke, working odd jobs to hang on. I'm already 10% for tinnitus and went to a Voc Rehab orientation recently. I was at the VARO office, in and out of a few offices, and in each office I was in or happened to look in there were files on desks everywhere- I wonder how they keep track of them all. Looking back, I probably shouldn't have gotten involved in Voc Rehab yet-it will probably delay my claim longer since I'm guessing Voc Rehab probably needed my file as well.

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You are correct on the Vocation Rehab holding up your claim. As they need your file. You can call the VARO and speak with Voc Rehab and thell them that you want to cease on your pursuit for Voc. Rehab for now. Tell them that you have another claim pending and that it is holding up the file, or that you just don't want to pursue it at this time.

I called when I found out they couldn't process my claim because of the Rehab people. They sent it back when I called. Then after I got my award increase I refiled for Voc Rehab. If anything your increase in compensation and claims will help with Voc Rehab.

Good luck, I understand about the hanging onto your house and vehicle routine. I went down that route last year. Lost my truck for a couple weeks. Luckily my wife has a decent job and was able to carry us with a lot of extra debt until i got from 40-70%. Still a struggle but not quite as bad, I'm only flailing now, not drowning completely.

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  • HadIt.com Elder

I was under the impression that Voc Rehab maintained their own files and that it did not impact a pending claim?

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since i sent my nod in, my claim has been bouncing back and forth from the bva, amc, ro and its only been

8 years, thats right 8 years. and still there is no decision. they still say its at the ratings board. this time its been at the ratings board for 6 months. any solutions. people say using your congressmen could slow things down 3 months, well doesn't sound too bad since its been, what 96 months. i call the appeals management center everybody there knows me. they don't understand whats taking so long, all they say is call back. they use to give a suspense date that my claim was projected to be done. now they never mention a suspense date.

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