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Going To The Va Hosp For A Sleep Apnea Exam

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I am going to the V.A. for a sleep apena exam, which they never followed up on from before, they want me to stay a weel because of severe depression, severe daily headaches, suicidal thoughts, increased angry and agressiveness, and many more, so i guess they are going to run me through the mill, anyone have any suggestions for me while there.

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  • HadIt.com Elder

Its a little bit of a hassle they wire you up and test you. If you take meds to help you sleep be sure and take them.

Good Luck

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If they want to keep you for a whole week - I would say they are going to do

much more than a sleep apnea exam (study). I have not known of anyone that

stayed more than one night for this.

Perhaps the order is for "Observation" due to the other symptoms you are experiencing.

To help break your boredom there, most VA's allow computer time for people,

this is usually located in the "PERC" library.

There is also most likely a section over in the Mental Health Clinic area called the HHV

section, they provide craft kits for no charge to help the time go by a bit better.

It's usually stuff like:

A leather kit to make a pair of Moccasin shoes or a nice belt,

Model Car, motorcycle, boat or monster truck kits,

Bead work kits,

Wood kits -- maybe you can check it out.

Anyways, good luck, and if you go to the library there be sure to

stop in at hadit and give us an update.


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Yeah there going to do alot of neurologicial exams because of my severe headaches that i have everyday, they wouldnt give me any results of my sleep apena exam but the nurse did say that im sure i will see you again so i guess that may mean i will probly be back for more tests, i really think they are concened because the meds they are giving me arn't really working, 4 different anti depressants and im still not where i should be since i am having sucidial thoughts and being in law enforcement and my temper seems to be getting shorter and shorter all the time must make them nervous but i guess i will have to see what happens after i get there

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