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Waiting What To Do?

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How long after C&P before we hear something??? And should we call and see what is happening?

How do you get a copy of C-File Thank you............. :lol:

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Welcome to Hadit.

You posted,

"How long after C&P before we hear something??? And should we call and see what is happening?"

First of all go to ROI where you had your C&P and get a copy of it.

If the C&P was for Mental Health, there are times they may not release a copy to the


There aren't time limits for VA - if you were discharged recently and this is your first

ever ORIGINAL VA Claim for SC - you may hear something in four or five months.

If it's not your Original Claim, it can drag on for a long time.

As far as calling, do you have a VSO, yes you can call them but don't be expecting much from them, they may not even know anything. Also very often you start with one VSO

and by the time you get a Rating Decision you been assigned to several different VSO's.

Calling the 1-800- What'sup number will as likely as not provide no answer or an answer

that is not accurate. The 800 number is not designed to be used for accurate tracking of a claim.

There are instructions on our Homepage on "How to get a copy of your c-file".

I am not attempting to just feed you negative information here,

just telling it like it REALLY is.

Hope this helps a vet.


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The ROI is about an hour and a half from where we live, This is my husbands original claim but no was discharged 17 years ago, and we filed at least 15 months ago, and i will look on this site to figure out how to get a copy of his c-file, Thanks for your help,,,,,,

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To get a copy of the C file just send the RO a FOI request for your 1 free copy. They are supposed to have 20 days to comply but mine took about 45. Read the entire file and see if they or you may have missed something.

I would call the 800# exspecially if your claim has been in as long as you say and you have not heard anything. The VA usually sends updated generis letters about every month or two just to say they are working your claim.

Hope this helps, good luck with your claim and thank your husband for his service!

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Do you have a web link to any reg that says the RO has 20

days to comply in providing a copy of a claimant's c-file?

I have never seen this anywhere.

I know many claimants that have waited for many, many months

(six and more) for a copy of their c-file.



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  • HadIt.com Elder


If you have not gotten an answer yet on your claim you may want to wait for a decision. No use getting your husbands file in another line if you are anywhere close to a decision.

However, that said you can go to the RO with your husband and get a quick look at it about an hour or so with a VA Counselor and even have some input if there is a porblem.

Good Luck

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Thanks for the help, we are waiting, he had a c&p in early november so I am hoping and praying that we will hear something soon. I was in the Marines, he was in the Navy, so we both know

it is just a waiting game , He has been getting SSD for about a year now so that is helping

money wise, Thanks again for all the answers :lol:

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