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Shrink Say She Will Get A Veteran A C&p Only If He

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  • HadIt.com Elder

As many of you are aware I was trained in industrial injury claims. No competent attorney would take a case to court with one medical exam from the employer’s doctor or agree in advance to base the entire claim on a report written by a doctor chosen at random without even giving any consideration to the logic or reasons cited by the examiner.

The RO has told the veteran that to re-open his claim he needs to get new and material evidence. The veteran then goes to his VA shrink. The shrink has not been cooperative and now is trying to blackmail the veteran into agreeing to lock himself into a C&P examiners determination in exchange for her effort to get him a C&P exam.

I really think that this shrink is trying to stop this veteran from getting involved in a long drawn out battle because she thinks that the battle is compounding his condition. I cannot argue that this is not true. We all know how frustrating a battle with the VA can get.

I do not think this shrink realizes how messed up the C&P exams can get. Additionally, what this shrink does not realize is that we never intended to depend on the C&P process to begin with. Trying to get a C&P was plan “B” from the get go. Plan “A” is to get an IMO.

Getting an IMO from a doctor chosen at random is also a problem. I have been of the opinion that industrial injury and Social Security attorney’s work closely with doctors who are favorable to the plaintiff. These lawyers only get paid when they win. They are not going to send their claimants to see doctors who write reports favorable for the defense. I have actually sat in the offices of attorney’s that were on the phone telling doctors what the reports need to address.

I recently talked with a social security attorney who has agreed to refer me to his doctors. I will keep hadit posted on how this goes. If this works out then I would suggest that people seeking IMO’s get referrals from a SSD attorney. Choosing doctors at random can be problematic.

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Hoppy, I think your shrink is wrong. Mine went out of thier way to write me a letter and encouraged me to file which I was not sure I would do, it took me 8 months to complete it.

I hope you get your IMO.

Best of Luck


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  • In Memoriam

The RO sounds more like an Insurance Claims Adjuster. Offering deals is not the RO or the Doctors job. Monty Hall, from lets make a deal, is not the way it works. A Vet has a right to an IMO, otherwise it is just a big one-sided game show.

I am looking for a Urologist now. Seems the ones in my area are affiliated with the VA in some way. I am not looking for a QTC co-signer, from a mini VA clinic. I need help from a real doctor.

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  • Moderator

I agree with Hoppy! I dont think it should be this way, tho! A Veteran should be able to get a

"fair shake" from his/her C&P examination. The obvious problem is that "so called doctors" at the C&P are compensated by the VA by QTC, and this is a conflict of interest with the usual result being that the Veteran is the Victim. Doc makes money, QTC earns huge profits charging the VA $499 for an exam that should cost about $100, and the Veteran looses his benefits. Obviously, the VA makes money..for $499 they can "shut up" the Veteran and deny his benefits based on "medical opinions".

In the SSD industry, I can pick my physician, and, as Hoppy pointed out, my lawyer could direct me to a physician known to be Pro-claimant.

The only way to right this injustice, IMHO, is for the Veteran to pick the C&P examiner, NOT the VA. It is just too large of a conflict of interest for the VA NOT to take advantage of this, and they do, regurarly. This is a lot of the reason why more deserving Veterans are denied benefits, and less deserving Veterans are awarded benefits, in many cases.

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C & P exams are requested by the VA Regional office. The exam is either done at the VAMC C&P or by QTC. This is based on the area in which the veteran lives. No matter which one does the exam, they are paid by the Regional Office for the examinations. When you referance health care and benefits they are two completely different organizations. The doctor cannot get the patient a C&P exam. She can, however, give him/her a medical opinion or IMO.

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  • HadIt.com Elder

my PTSD claim was done by the VA entirely I had the same pyschiatrist from Jan 2003 thru now, I was denied the inpatient program based on their determination that I was to sick and on to many narcotics to be admitted to the domicillary nor could I walk to the mess hall as it was to far away.

I was given 2 C&P exams one in 2005 when they awarded me 50% and then again in 2006 when they awarded me the 100% P&T after I filed the NOD in 2005 due to the fact I felt and my shrink felt that the 50% was a lowball award since his treatment records constantly had the comment "this patient is considered to be totally and permanently disabled due to his PTSD symptoms, regardless of any other outstanding medical issues" I do not feel this patient will ever improve and become employable in the future.

I never had to use an IMO for mental health, now my cardiac issues are something else, and I have 3 IMO's

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