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Vso Questioned My Request For A&a

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I went to see my VSO today so he could send in 21-2680 for A&A which he gave

me to have filled out.

My VA psy has stated for months that I need 24hr supervision and

asked my wife to consider a nursing home, which my wife adamantly

declined to even consider. Good for her!!!

I had my last C&P in October of 2010 and the examiner stated in notes that I

should be considered for A&A. I received my 100% P&T rating last month, but

there was no mention of A&A in the award letter. I told my VSO and he

stated that I have to ask for it. He gave me the 2680 form to have filled

out by my doctor. My VA psy filled it out and returned it to me yesterday.

Her notes on 2680:

Diagnosis: Cognitive Disorder NOS(TBI 1975/coma); Mood Disorder 2nd medical condition

Nutrition: adequate

Gait: slow

What Disabilities Restrict Activities/Functions: Cognitive Disorder & other medical problems

Number of hours confined to bed: Not confined to bed

Can feed himself?: yes

Able to prepare own meals?: No

Assistance with Hygiene needs?: Yes

Legally Blind?: No

Require Nursing Home Care?: No....(Even though she suggested that to my wife)

Require Medication Management?: Yes... Assistance to organize & dispense meds. Veteran can't do this.

Ability to Manage Own Financial?: No...Cognitive impairment

Restrictions Upper Extremities: N/A appropriate for psychiatrist

Restrictions Lower Extremities: N/A appropriate for psychiatrist

Restrictions Spine, Trunk, Neck: N/A

Pathology That Affects Claimants Ability To Perform Self-Care: Urinary incontinence Reported. Dizzy Intermittent,

Poor Memory, Stays at home--Does not have Activities

How often Claimant Able to Leave Home: Leaves house with spouse for doctors appts per pt report only

Aids for locomotion: No

Well this morning I took the form to my VSO so he could send it in. Now he tells me, you MIGHT

be able to get HB or A&A since the C&P examiner and your VA Psy stated it in their notes, but I

wouldn't hold my breath. WTH!! You were the one that suggested that I file for it! :wacko:

Then he tells me to be careful with filing for too much since I just got 100% and it could open a

can of worms with the VA. I was in shock that he made that statement. He said, "the VA give-nth, and

the VA take-nth away. You have waited too many years to have them snatch it back". I am so pissed, I

could chew nails. He said I should hear something in a year or so.

I told him, that if they are the ones that are stating that I'm incompetent, their VA C&P examiner said

that I need A&A, their VA Psychiatrist said that I need A&A....how the HELL am I opening up a can of

worms? :angry:

This is the main reason that I did not use him to file my appeals. He's just a glorified paper pusher. Hell, I

can send forms in my self. Some of these guys really don't need to be in the proposed position of helping Vets.

What do you guys think are my chances?

Edited by Sidney56
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Sidney, I went through a similar thing quite a few years ago. I was dx'd with MS, via BAER, and MRIs. I put in for the problems the MS was causing. When I went to put in for the MS itself, and not just the results of the MS, I was told by my VSO, that I shouldn't as he felt it pointed more to Lupus. Well, it just so happens I have MS AND Lupus. I now have my claim in for Lupus (which the VA actually dx'd back in 77), and will follow with having the MS directly listed later (Lupus and A&A in rating board since Dec). I have learned not to always listen to the VSO, but more follow what you learn in the laws/regulations, and what is actually in your medical records!!

Old soldiers never die.... we just fight new wars!

Proud to have served, U.S. Army WAC

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