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California (Ca): San Diego

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My claim is at the Los Angeles Regional Office. My attorney and the DRO had their hearing on October 9th, 2009, almost 22 months ago. 2 months ago my attorney sent a letter to the Service Manager with no response. Today my attorney's office called and said that they have sent a letter to the regional director, he has 30 days to respond, if not, then they plan to send a letter to The Honorable Eric Shenseki, Secretary of the VA.

The Court has asked them to follow the above steps before filing a writ of mandamus.

Happy Trails

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I probably should not be repetative here, but i sai dthis in another thread, but the answer fits here too..

my VSO told me, the regional offices are still busy with Agent Orange claims... and they might be done around October 2011. I could rant about it, but it won't do any good.. I am just passing on what i heard today from my vso... and why the regional offices are so frakkin slow..

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I just wanted to praise the DAV travel...

DAV travel gives rides to vets and (disabled veterans) to and from their appointments... They are volunteers and get up early and come home late.. they drive long distances, and help many people. They do not get paid. They do it to serve the veteran community. I have no several great drivers who volunteered up to 2 or more days per week, as sometimes they were short of drivers. The drivers must go through a hard physical. Sometimes one or more will pick up slack whent here are not enough drivers. They may do this exra work for weeks and months at a time...

I wanted to give a shout out for al those that have done all the halp in bring my carcass back and forth to my appointments and drive with up to nine passengers in a VA DAV van (not always full, but often).

They put up with mostly good people but not all are nice. They help people in and out , in all weather,, soemtimes starting at 4:30 a.m. and getting home around 2 p.m. other times not as many hours. They can use GPS, the computer, or just know the streets. They sometimes put in up to 10 years, even more.

Thank your DAV travel office staff..

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