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800 # Phone Tree Changed

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Just a heads up. The VA has recently changed the phone tree. So if you had the options memorized you are in for a rude awakening. The first message you get is informing they are now enrolling all Veterans for E-benefits-press option _

After that, it would take a rocket scientist to figure what option to press if you had questions about your claim. 20 minutes later(my e-benefits was frozen) the message comes on due to the heavy volume we are unable to assist you at this time.

I forgot, the 1st of the month is a busy time to call. Anyhow-good luck figuring out what option to press.

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I just kept pressing "0" and was told it was not a valid selection. After the third try I was transferred to a benefits counselor. However I could not be helped "at this time" according to a recording. The past week for me has been tough to get on E-Benefits and now this.


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This is the VA's way of telling you they just don't want to hear from you. I noticed the same thing a few months back at my VARO. I have no reason to call the 800 number these days, but I did call them about a claim I had about a year ago and they had changed it then for us.

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Has it changed since last week? I called then and the options should be 2-3-0. Sometimes though they just come on and say "due to the heavy volume of calls we cannot assist you at this time, please call back later." *Click*. Then I have a lovely dial tone in my ear.

I honestly couldn't get through on my own. I called down to my front desk where a former C&P claims individual works and he went through and got me the numbers, lol.

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I believe they are trying to get everyone enrolled on e-benefits by phone-perhaps the VA is going to do their part in reducing the budget. That would be a good excuse to use that due to the heavy traffic volume of enrolling veterans on e-benefits this is causing a longer than usual wait time. Please call back. So, I am not sure what all the publicity is about this issue, other than it will be harder to speak to a live agent for the near future.

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Well, at least when you are communicating with your computer, you kind of know what to expect. The 800#??? Even if you talk to someone who is breathing, even heavily, it doesn't actually mena there is any oxygen going to their brain. In fact, I think most people who answer the phone at the 800# have had to prescreen and have a requirement of having at least 1 botched labotomy

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