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  1. Broncovet, Berta, and Vync Thank you all for your helpful response and will take your advice.
  2. I was diagnosed with TMJ back in 1986 on the outside, not by the VA. I am now being being compensated 50% depression-anxiety and 10% tinnutis by the VA. My TMJ has gotten worse and I am having problem with my jaw on both sides. I recently found out through reading that TMJ can be aggravated by depression and anxiety. I have been thinking of filing a secondary claim for the aggravation of my TMJ due to the depression and anxiety. Anyone out have any input on my filing a secondary claim for the condition I mentioned? And has anyone ever filed a claim for TMJ and a secondary claim for aggravation of it? Thanks for any input you all may have.
  3. The following web site has info from the National Academies contract with the VA on hearing loss. http://www.nap.edu/catalog.php?record_id=11443 68mustang
  4. I also was denied several times since 1989. I finally went to an ENT doctor who wrote up a letter stating that my hearing loss and tinnitus were due to military jobs that I did during my enlistment. I also provided the VA with a list of jobs I did since I got out in 1971. None of the jobs were of the type that had any hazardous noise exposure. Plus I also had my wife write a buddy letter stating that the jobs I had listed were jobs that I had worked on after I got out of the military. I also got in touch with some of my military buddies and they also wrote buddy letters for me. They wrote about the hazardous noise conditions we worked in and the lack of hearing conservation programs at the time. The Va wrote in one of the denial letters that I had not complained about hearing loss or tinnitus during my enlistment. While that was true that I did not complain at the time about hearing loss or tinnitus, I provided the VA with info I had obtained. That info stated that in some cases hearing loss and tinnitus could happen immediately after exposure, but in many cases it may take decades before hearing loss or tinnitus becomes apparent. There are many hazardous exposures that military service people have been exposed to. The medical conditions associated with those exposures might take years or decades to appear, but the VA will say you did not complain about any problems associated with those exposures. There is info on the internet and on the VA web site that you can use in the claim. I used the VA's own info on hearing loss and tinnitus as a basis as to how long it might take hearing loss and tinnitus to become apparent. The VA does the same thing about asbestos exposure. It turn me down on a claim having to do with asbestos exposure because I did not have any symptoms and that I did not complain in the 1960's and 1970's about the asbestos exposure. In other words they put the monkey on my back and I countered with how was I supposed to know about the dangers of asbestos exposure back then when even the Navy made no effort to protect me and countless other sailors. I looked up info on the VA web site and other web sites that dealt with asbestos exposures. Almost all of them stated that medical problems associated with asbestos exposure could take years or decades before manifesting themselves. I sent copies of the info I found with the VA claim. I also got buddy letters stating that we were exposed to asbestos and the lack of asbestos exposure protection and lack of information on the hazards of asbestos exposure. As I have stated before the VA will deny a claim stating that the veteran did complain at the time about the disability. We hear that time and time again. There are ways to overcome it, but it takes time and effort. 68mustang
  5. Did anyone else receive a letter from the VA with a survey to fill out from the Million Veteran Program: A Partnership with Veterans? The letter states VA's MVP program ia national, voluntary research program. And that it is designed to help researchers better understand how genes affect health and illness, with the goal of improving health care for Veterans. It also includes completing a one-time study visit to provide a blood sample for genetic analysis at a participating VA Medical Center. Just like to know if anyone else got a letter like mine. 68mustang
  6. I often wondered about the effects of having worked with JP5 in the boiler room while cleaning boiler equipment. I got out of the Navy in 1971 my end of enlistment medical exams showed no heart problems. In 1982 I was diagnosed with a heart murmur that doctors say is hereditary. The type of heart problem I have is hyertrophic cardiomyopathy and doctors say that it runs in some families. I have checked with family members and no one recollects anyone having this same problem within the family. The heart problem did not show up prior to my enlistment and has been of great concern to me and my family Let me ask if there any others out there if they have heart problems the same as mine who were exposed to JP5 and now have a heart murmur. Thanks. 68mustang
  7. Bottomline is that you have fellow shipmates give you buddy statements placing you at the scene. Official documents will also help. Those things will go a long way in proving your stressors. 68mustang
  8. Hope this help it is a previous post here on hadit. I found out a JSRRC review had been done on my stressors. when I requested a copy of my C-file and a copy of the JSRRC review of my stressors was there. My stressors were confirmed in the review. What you need to find out is whether a JSRRC review was done to confirm your stressors. 68mustang
  9. Have you tried to get buddy letter detailing what happened and verifying you were there at the time of the incidents? Did anyone keep copies of letters you sent home in which you described what happened? Did you get copies of performance ratings that show a decrease in your performance during the time in question? Are there any copies of request for transfers? 68mustang
  10. I have not heard or seen a list of the ships as you mentioned. There are list of ships exposed to Agent Orange and list of ships infested with asbestos. 68mustang
  11. I found the following previous post by others here on hadit. Remember that hearing loss and tinnitus are two different issues. 68mustang
  12. Got my return call this morning. However the call came in at 10:45 AM Central Time it was suppose to be at 11:45 AM. Guess one has to take into consideration that the call center is working on Eastern Time? 68mustang
  13. I called the VA 1-800 this morning and got the usual message that I could not be helped at this time. The recorded message asked if I would like to be called back and I answered yes. Here it is Wednesday and my appointment for callback is on Friday morning. Must be a bunch of others in the same boat as me waiting for callbacks. 68mustang
  14. I had a QTC C&P exam earlier this year and the Houston RO kept telling me that QTC had not provided a copy of the exam report. I called the QTC office here in town and they told me that a copy had been electronically provided to Houston RO. To make a long story short many months later the Houston RO still maintains that "they" the RO needs to load the QTC exam report into the system. So I wait and wait for them to load up an exam report that has been there at the RO for months. The holiday season only adds to the wait. 68mustang
  15. Congrats Carlie. The news came at a good time. 68mustang
  16. Thanks for the replies. I did check with my VSO and he stated that it has been taking up to six months to add dependents. I am only adding my wife as my dependent. Also I had sent the info needed for dependents when I filed my claim. Ebenefits only shows my marriage certificate as having been received. I have taken action with my VSO to correct the dependent problem.
  17. Thanks Carlie. I also was confused at one time on how the VA calculated the ratings. I now use the hadit comp calculator. 68mustang
  18. Thanks for the responses. I noticed on the award letter that I was being paid as a single vet and I took care of that yesterday. Monday I will go get my veterans' tax exemption updated for my home. 68mustang
  19. Thanks for the responses. Effective date starting Oct 2009 10% + 30% = 40% then June 2011 at 10% + 50% = 60%. 68mustang
  20. My award letter came in today and my depression rating went from 10% to 50%. My total rating is now at 60%. Again thanks to hadit and its members for help in achieving my goal after so many years. 68mustang
  21. Don't forget about Applebee's Veterans Day free dinner and Golden Corral free vet dinner on a different day. 68mustang
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