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Service Connected Disability Surgery

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I am rated at 40% for my right knee. I am going to be having my right knee replaced in 3 weeks at a VA hospital. My question has two parts: one is I was told that I would get 100% disability for 12 months while I am recovering, Is this true? My second question is, what do I have to do if that's true and how long does it take to get the money? I am only asking because my family is in desperate need of the extra money. My wife and I are taking care of 4 extra family members and we are hurting financially. Thank you so much for any help that I might get.

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I do not have a clue!!! I just got off the phone with a patient advocate and they told me it was standard procedure that before any surgery that you must have a dentists clearance. When I informed her that when I had my ankle fused and I didn't see a dentist then she was speechless and said she'd have to call me tomorrow with more info! I feel this must be some new rule that is only going to pertain to me!!!!

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Did you mention during the pre-op appointment that you had some loose teeth? If you did, then that's the reason. The VA doesn't want a malpractice suit if you swollow a tooth and choke while your sedated during surgery. I remember now, when I went thru that, they did ask me that question.

If you didn't mention it, it could be a new policy recently implemented that every patient having surgery and sedated has to have a Dentist approval first. I really don't know.

My first question is since they are requiring me to see a dentist, shouldn't the VA pay for it?

Yes, the VA will set you up with one of their own Dentist. note; If you have really bad teeth and if the Dentist pulls enough teeth to pass surgery you might want to complain that you won't be able to bite and chew properly now. So ask the Dentist if they could fit you with dentures. They will probably say no, but what the heck, it's worth a try and they might even say yes. It never hurts to ask!

My second question is while all of this is being done before the actual knee replacement do I still qualify for the temp increase of 100% while all of this is being done?

No. The reason for convalescent pay is to help the vet with money while off work so the surgery will heal enough to go back to work.

The same rule applies even if you don't work. The healing process keeps you from finding work.


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