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Disabled Veterans Group Life Insurance (S-Dvi)

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If you can get life insurance via some of these big brokers like "Select Quote" you will get a much better deal. When I was 49 years old I got $250,000 of life insurance via Select Quote for less than $800 bucks a year. My rate was for 15 years. I had all sorts of disabilites. 10-20 thousands bucks worth of insurance via the VA is just enough to bury you and pay off your second hand car.

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The VA has multiple policies at multiple rates. Most of these are "whole life" insurance as opposed to "term" life insurance. One way to look at the difference between whole life and term is that term is "rented" insurance where whole life is "owned" insurance. Whole life policies "build up" cash value. That is, you can surrender the policy for cash. The difference in cost is largely in how much cash you want to accumulate in your life insurance policy, as most have a similar "costs of insurance".

Whole life insurance pays "dividends". My VA whole life insurance will "pay up" in about 20 years. The 10,000 whole life policy will have a cash value of 10,000 in 20 years. This means that I can cash in the policy after 20 years and collect the $10,000. If your policy has a waiver of premium, and you meet the qualifications for the waiver, then you can cash in the 10,000 policy for 10,000 after 20 years and keep the money.

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The rate table booklet can be downloaded here:


If you think the Va will be paying the premium, then you want the most costly as it will build up cash faster. If you are trying to buy lots of insurance for the lowest cost, then select a "cheaper" policy.

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