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I Am Try To Start A Petion On Amc

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Mr cue


i post how i feel about the amc on the veterans affairs new post on topix type it in and it will pop up.

i ask that as many of us here pleases post your comments on this places.

as we all no they have no phone number and no part of veterans affairs can call this place on any thing so how is it a help to us.

it a waste of taxes payer money bet u the head guy make 100,000 of thousands and your claim can sit here many years.

the state ro process claim faster so to me and i no others this is a hold pen for claims

please post on this site help me show the many with claim sitting here for years.

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Yulookin-the White House as a new criteria regarding petitions filed with the Fed Gov.

If 5,000 signatures appear on the petition, then someone at the White House will review it.


I don't know how long my claim was at the AMC. They then sent it to Seattle RO and then back to Buffalo RO.

NONE of those entitys could read.

AMC is a stall tactic. AMC decisions are not published like BVA decisions are. I have read 2 AMC award letters and cannot figure out why they awarded the veterans involved and I feel these decisions will haunt the veteran in the future because they are wrong.

I feel you should contact the H VAC Sub Committee -Disability and Memorials -in writing.


Are you in Congresswoman's Buerke's district'- she would be a good start for contact as she is on this committee.

You can even submit testimony to this committee.

I didn't have time to prepare testimony the way I wanted to when the Sub Committee called me years ago-they used my letter to Sec Shinseki as testimony with my permission -but I suggest taking the time to properly prepare any testimony you want to submit for a future hearing on the claims process in the format at the H VAC site.

This is the first petition that has been filed recently under the new “5,000” signature criteria:


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  • HadIt.com Elder

If Congress is actually serious about cutting government waste of funding, the AMC is the first place I would cut. Its a complete waste of money and does nothing to reduce the backlog of veterans claims. If anything, its a major cause of backlog.

About the only thing I found I could do to get my claim out of this dead zone, was keep sending in the evidence waivers to have the claim decided by the BVA and not the regional office level, (AMC).

It doesn't matter that you can't call the AMC. If you could, you can't believe a word they tell you.

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  • Moderator

There is ONE thing that is consistent about the AMC....It is never a good thing to have your claim there. I think it is a "holding tank" for claims to go while they await the Veteran to die, used primarily by management so they have an excuse when a senator calls and asks why this Veteran claim has gone on for x years without an answer. The managers response: "Its at the AMC". This excuse is used because most people, including senators, dont know the AMC is just a department of the RO. You see, this gives the RO manager an "out", when he explains...gee there is nothing I can do about your Vets claim, its at the Appeals Management Center. People "buy" that bull, so the VA keeps doing it. I agree with Yulooking in that the AMC is not needed. The claim is either in appeals, or at the RO, and the AMC does not need to have their "delay paws" on my claim. There are already enough "glitches" to last a lifetime, so we dont need any more with the AMC.

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placing a bag full of crap on their doorstep and lighting on fire and ringing the doorbell would probably get their attention faster than a petition..

seriously... I think that the bastages only understand cash bribes,, errr..I mean donations..

update: sorry, out of frustration, I didn't have any useful answer... I just feel that unless a petition is done really good, it probably won't do much... but it maybe better than nothing...

wish I could do it right.. I would hate to ruin a good chance at it..

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no think i stated it wrong i would like for everyone to post on topix veterans affairs it there like titter page. i everyone with claim at amc that are here on hadit post i think it could make someone look.

i have been on here sometime now there are many of us tell your story here i stated a thread on amc help me.

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