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Ssdi (Recon)

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That is very good - make sure your Recon Request is filed within the SSA deadline.

This does appear to suggest that you will need a SSA payee. DO you have a spouse for that if SSA declares incompetency?

In our experience, SSA awarded my husband first for a catastrophic stroke and sent the ssa money directly to my husband.However his brain trauma was so extensive it was hard to believe SSA considered him competent-he could not even determine bills and change anymore nor write a legible check.

SSA then upon recon awarded him instead solely for PTSD and the EED was vastly better then the CVA and involved a very large retro. They (SSA) called him up and said that due to this PTSD award they were going to declare him incompetent but he could appeal that anytime he wanted to.

He told SSA he liked it. Because he could now tell those student people who were pressuring him that now he was suffering not only from PTSD and significant brain damage but he was incompetent too so they might as well stop calling.

(The VA signed a form that waved his small Student loan balance a month later.)

The VA considered him competent until he died however.

SSA incompetency is just like VA incompetency. It is primary BS but is done to protect the SSA beneficiary or veteran.

The SSA might NOT declare you incompetent at all but what I saw here shows they possibly could.

It is an excellent report in my opinion.

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Hi Berta,

I filed the recon within the SSA"s timeframe. I had a funny feeling they might declare me incompetent after I got these forms back. It's no big deal if they do because my wife would become the payee. I just want to make sure my wife and kids are taken care of if anything ever happened to me. My Adult Report that I filled out awhile ago differs a little from my therapists report, ie. cooking, cleaning etc. Is that a big deal in your opinion? I never really talked to her (therapist) about that stuff she kind of put that in there on her own. Just wondering?


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"Is that a big deal in your opinion?" It could be.

In our situation I stated to SSA that my husband would turn the stove on and then walk away and forget about it.

I was a livestock farmer and if I heard the fire alarms go off, I would run from the barn to the house.

It was not safe for him to use the stove.

This could have been due to both his CVA and his PTSD. I think PTSD affected his short term memory a lot.

He had daily flashbacks and could not absorb or recall info during some of these flashbacks.

Oddly enough when he worked for the VA his job (too involved to explain this here) prevented a prominent flashback he had daily from occuring during work hours.

He did help me clean but was limited by his CVA-I dont know if PTSD limits ones ability to clean.

SSA is looking for ANY type of work one can preform with their disability.

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Hi Berta,

It was the cooking and cleaning my therapist put in there that I do on a daily basis. I never had that type of conversation with her that I can remember. She is newer in the office that I have been going to for a long time. On my Adult report I put that I help out with the cooking and cleaning when Im able. It's just not on a daily basis. I hope this explains it a little better.


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Who were you employed by when you were sent to work a detail at ground zero ?

I feel it would be helpful in this mental health opinion if that would have been expounded on a bit to help

form some support for the examiners medical rationale.

The examination results you posted (for mental health) contain some evidence that I feel will be damaging to your claim for SSDI benefits.

I feel that the provider has contradicted themselves with the answers they marked on the form versus the narrative at the bottom portion.

Also, up by the top, question # 3

"Are any other capabilities affected by the impairment?"

Answer : NO

Some of the statements in the narrative that I take issue with are as follows:

"Mr. ___ is able to register his attention and is able to recall goals of therapy and

efforts to achieve them. He responds to complex commands, "

"There is no evidence of serious cognitive impairment."

"He has not been able to maintain many friendships over his life."

"Mr. ____ is able to concentrate. He is a frequent reader and is able to start and finish the daily

newspaper as well as the occasion book. It is Mr. ____ familial obligation to pick up his

children from school and prepare evening meals. Mr. ___ performs these duties on a regular



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I was with an agency in massachusetts when I went to ground zero. All that Info is in my va and private medical records (Mental) which SS has finally got. The Rfc form that I posted (Mental) is from my Va psychiatrist. I have seen him off and on for the last 15+ years. The other form that I posted is from a therapist (She is newer) in an office that I have been going to for a long time also. The Dr. I usually see there is semi retired so I couldn't get in to see him. I get what your saying that the two forms contradict one another a bit. The letter that the newer therapist wrote took some added liberties in writing up her report. I do not remember having conversations with her or the regular Dr. about cooking, cleaning, reading newspapers and books etc. on a daily basis. I do these things when Im able just not on a daily basis. I told SS On my Adult disability form that I do these things when Im able. Maybe this does hurt me I don't know?


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