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  1. Definately go outside of VA for surgery if you can. If you have surgery file for the temp. 100% while you are convalescing. The max I got for my knee was 30% because I didn't have ankylosing of the knee which would give you the 60% rating. I filed for my left knee as a secondary condition to my right knee. It got me another 10%. It also helped with getting my lower back claim approved 40%. The Doctors have also recommended a partial and a osteotomy. I said no thanks! I'll "Ruck Up" until I can't take it anymore and get a TKR. Good luck with your claims! Waldo
  2. Congrats on your well deserved win!!
  3. Cape cod is beautiful this time of year! Glad Im still vertical! RLTW, Waldo
  4. I am 10% for hearing and 10% for tinnitus. The test itself is a piece of cake. Getting service connected is another story. It took ME a couple of times to get it. I have a deep sensoneural hearing loss in my left ear with no speech recognition. I have some hearing loss on my right with 94% speech recognition. I hope this helps. A VSO once told me hearing is the toughest disability to get? Waldo
  5. The VA in Boston ma, is starting implants for me in November. The Dentist actually wanted to give me a couple more up top but I didn't have enough bone. However, he hooked me up with a real nice metal upper partial. I have been going there since March. So far so good.
  6. I have the Bi-Cross hearing aids and they are fantastic! I have a steep sensoneural hearing loss on my left side. It is amazing what I can hear with them on. Enjoy!
  7. I had a C&P for an increase for my PTSD in 2007. I went from 50% to 70% with a GAF of 41. If I remember right my original GAF was 51 and that got me 50% right off the bat. I did not file for TDIU because I was still working at that time. Hope this helps. Waldo
  8. Good for you shellback. Congrats! Waldo
  9. Alive and well on cape cod! 3/75th RGR 86-89 LRSD, 10th Mtn 89-92 RLTW, Waldo
  10. The woman I see is nice enough but john999 hit it on the head. The program they're running at my vamc is a joke!
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