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  1. Bonzai, I truly hope you get what you deserve. I know exactly what you are talking about being judged before someone gets to know or examine you. I recently (couple of months ago) had a problem at the va with my pcp. I have seen this guy twice in my lifetime. I told him I was filing for SSDI and he was completely insulting! If anyone deserved to get their ass kicked it was him. Hang in there! Carlie, She said something about falling into the grids and my age? I think this woman meant well and was trying to help me? Was this "piss poor" advice? maybe it was, I don't know? I do know now that when SS made their initial decision there was a tremendous amount of info they did not have. I made the mistake of assuming SS would get all my info from treating Dr's. I was sorely mistaken. SS has everything now so I guess we'll see what happens. Carlie, In regards to taking offense, I did at first. Before I got back to seeing my old psychiatrist at the VA I had seen three Dr's at VA who all passed the buck on filling out these forms. I am extremely lucky I was able to see my old shrink, he knows me and my past. It really irked me that these other three would not help me and judged me without looking at my records. I would tell them to just turn on the computer and put my social in everything is right there. For the last three months I have been judged unfairly and it *uckin pisses me off! I did more by the time I was twenty five then these three idiots put together. When I read your post it instantly struck a nerve and I reacted because of what has gone on at va. I appreciate all that you and the other elders do! This is the best site for vets bar-none. The past three months have been very stressful.
  2. I was with an agency in massachusetts when I went to ground zero. All that Info is in my va and private medical records (Mental) which SS has finally got. The Rfc form that I posted (Mental) is from my Va psychiatrist. I have seen him off and on for the last 15+ years. The other form that I posted is from a therapist (She is newer) in an office that I have been going to for a long time also. The Dr. I usually see there is semi retired so I couldn't get in to see him. I get what your saying that the two forms contradict one another a bit. The letter that the newer therapist wrote took some added liberties in writing up her report. I do not remember having conversations with her or the regular Dr. about cooking, cleaning, reading newspapers and books etc. on a daily basis. I do these things when Im able just not on a daily basis. I told SS On my Adult disability form that I do these things when Im able. Maybe this does hurt me I don't know? Waldo
  3. Hi Berta, It was the cooking and cleaning my therapist put in there that I do on a daily basis. I never had that type of conversation with her that I can remember. She is newer in the office that I have been going to for a long time. On my Adult report I put that I help out with the cooking and cleaning when Im able. It's just not on a daily basis. I hope this explains it a little better. Waldo
  4. Carlie, Nothing was exaggerated on my part. I have consistent records for twenty plus years. After looking into what SS had they never got my mental health records. My friends wife told me that I had all the physical requirements to be disabled but that my age affected SS decision. She knew about events that happened to me in the service and my career in civil service and told me to submit that evidence (PTSD, Depression) to "Beef" up my claim. I have never "exaggerated" any claim or been a "Malingerer" in my life and I take offense to you suggesting that. Waldo
  5. Hi Berta, I filed the recon within the SSA"s timeframe. I had a funny feeling they might declare me incompetent after I got these forms back. It's no big deal if they do because my wife would become the payee. I just want to make sure my wife and kids are taken care of if anything ever happened to me. My Adult Report that I filled out awhile ago differs a little from my therapists report, ie. cooking, cleaning etc. Is that a big deal in your opinion? I never really talked to her (therapist) about that stuff she kind of put that in there on her own. Just wondering? Waldo
  6. I just received these forms from my mental health doctors to submit for my recon evidence. All opinions welcome!
  7. Congrats on your well deserved win!!
  8. I am 10% for hearing and 10% for tinnitus. The test itself is a piece of cake. Getting service connected is another story. It took ME a couple of times to get it. I have a deep sensoneural hearing loss in my left ear with no speech recognition. I have some hearing loss on my right with 94% speech recognition. I hope this helps. A VSO once told me hearing is the toughest disability to get? Waldo
  9. The VA in Boston ma, is starting implants for me in November. The Dentist actually wanted to give me a couple more up top but I didn't have enough bone. However, he hooked me up with a real nice metal upper partial. I have been going there since March. So far so good.
  10. Hey LC, Good to hear you! I actually just mailed everything to Kentucky for scanning yesterday. I was held up a bit waiting on my shrink to fill out my mental RFC form. I got the two RFC reports (Mental&Physical) submitted along with Letters from my past employers, letters from my wife and parents etc. I also submitted a bunch of medical evidence I know they didn't have. I don't know if they have "Patricks Self Report" on Hadit? I found it on VBN under SSDI. I highly suggest doing it because you have PTSD. You will know what I mean when you see it. It's pretty simple to do Just plug in your info where it applies. BTW, A friend of mine's wife works for social. She told me I was denied most likely because of my age? She said if I was 50 I would have been approved. She told me to beef up the PTSD and depression which I did. Im hoping for the best. Make sure you check out "Patricks Self Report", It's good stuff. RLTW, Waldo
  11. I have the Bi-Cross hearing aids and they are fantastic! I have a steep sensoneural hearing loss on my left side. It is amazing what I can hear with them on. Enjoy!
  12. I just finished "Patrick's Self Report" last night in regards to SSDI. It was a total of 17 pages. Today Im getting all medical records, mri's etc. in order. I will work on the Adult report SS sent me this weekend. Hope I get it at the recon level. Any suggestions filling out the Adult report? One question that sticks out "what do you do all day"? I will answer all questions truthfully but I don't want to give them anything they can use against me. Suggestions welcomed! Waldo
  13. I had a C&P for an increase for my PTSD in 2007. I went from 50% to 70% with a GAF of 41. If I remember right my original GAF was 51 and that got me 50% right off the bat. I did not file for TDIU because I was still working at that time. Hope this helps. Waldo
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