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Hand And Wrist

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Gathering of Evidence now Preparation for Decision back to Review of Evidence for 5 week now and back to GATHERING OF EVIDENCE Compensation Status Has Changed.

FOR 1 AND 3/4 Year now.

6/20/12 to 6/20/13 and now 6/23/14 to 12/24/14

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I agree with Pr. Ebenefits is wrong 99% of the time, so don't look it as solid information. Bottom line, the VA and Ebenefits are on two different time lines, so just kick back, and keep an eye on your bank account, because if you win, which I hope you do, your bank will know before Ebenefits.

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It sounds like your file was moved from preparation for decision (development & gathering evidence) to ready for decision, Which means it left the VSR who does development and it has been moved to the RVSR who will make your decision. ( we all have an order of files to be worked so your file goes in the line with other files waiting for a decision).

If a decision is made it should then show in the ebenefits suspense reason as, "pending authorization", or "notification sent to the Veteran". If it goes back to, "preparation for decision", or "pendng development", the rater could not rate as there was further work needed on your claim before a decision can be made, and the ile was returned to the VSR.

If it goes from authorization back to, "rating phase" or "pending decision", that generally means the team processig the decision found something wrong in the file and there needs to be a correction in the deicision, or in the development. And the file either went back to the Rater or to the VSR depending on what work was found undune or what kind of error was made on the decision. (It often times is just a typo or clerical error and is only sent back for a quick fix), and is returned where it left off for continued processing.

TIDBIT: Who ever touches the file LAST, is the person charged with an error against them, if there is an error in the file. So if an RVSR makes a mistake and the person processing the RVSRs decision, misses the mistake, and the award is processed with an error by mistake, the person who processed the decision is charged with an error. The fact is the mistake is charged to the last person who touched the file. In ths case it would be the VSR who processed the award, not the RVSR who made an error in the decision.

That is why you see files go in and out of development and ready for decision, and authorization, back and forth as issues are found not developed properly, or a decision, is not written correctly, or records were suppose to be requested but weren't. Tons of reasons to return files for corrections. No one wants errors, and have their job standard showing quality problems, just to be put on a PIP (performance improvement plan". So usually back and forth movement of a file is good as it means things are being researched and errors corrected,- IMO

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