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Diabeties Mellitus (Dm Ii) C&p Progress Notes

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1. Diagnosis

<X> Diabetes mellitus type II Date of Diagnosis: 2009

2. Medical History

a. Treatment

<X> Managed by restricted diet

<X> Prescribed oral hypoglycemic agent(s)

<X> Other (describe): Metformin 500 QD. On insulin while in hospital 2009

5. Diagnostic testing

Current test results:

Most recent A1C, if availabe: 5.7 Date: 6-12

Most recent fasting plasma glucose, if available: 112 Date 6-12

7. Remarks, if any:

Type II DM

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Mekon1971- the examiner states your were diagnosed with this condition in 2009.. You stated you got out of serivce in 1997. Did you have this condition while in service? Where you on insulin while in service or taking oral medication for DMII while i service?

Can you post the whole exam? As this is not enough information to help you know what is happening.

Edited by harleyman
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Any of the other disabilities you claimed will need a proven nexus to your service.

I am not discouraging you here at all. But this is the point Harleyman is making as to the date of the DMII diagnosis.

When I see Mekon 1971 I guess I think right away , Mekong Delta Vietnam , and I think AO DMII ,

but you are a Gulf War veteran.The DMII will take an inservice nexus, as harleyman mentioned.

I helped a local vet who had been denied many many times even by the CAVC twice,in proving his diabetes was evident during his service but not diagnosed until many years later.

It took me three weeks of very hard work to find evidence of symptoms in his SMRs that were consistent with diabetes, however one of his BVA denials gave me a clue right in the first paragraph. I focused on tat heavily .

He also told me he had VD many times in service but wen I studied those treatment records in his SMRs ,this was not VD but a penile problem that I felt medical treatises showed, was also symptomatic of his diabetes.

I learned more about this vet's penis then I ever imagined I would, but diabetes is a horrible gift that keeps on giving..

Long story short, when we presented his non VA endocrinologist with the research I did and the SMRs,and I used the past BVA denial as evidence too, and highlighted one word in it that I rolled with for much of those 3 weeks,

his doc had no problem writing an IMO that gained the vet SC.

NOTHING is impossible. DMII has many early warning signals.

Also I proved to VA that my husband, as a VA PT, had not been diagnosed and treated for AO DMII from Vietnam.

I felt my research and medical lay opinion was good enough for the award, as it had been good enough for my FTCA wrongful death case, but this time I got 3 IMOs to bolster the stuff I had and the DMII death claim was awarded.

It involved going through all of my husband's documented symptoms of DMII in his VA med recs , that VA had either overlooked or misdiagnosed as something else as well as MRI stuff, Blood chem records, and his autopsy.

I also made a smart ass statement too,in that claim..... since VA had awarded under FTCA and Section 1151 for his wrongful death, misdiagnosing his stroke,HBP, and IHD, it was then "more than likely" they buggered him by failing to diagnose and treat his DMII as well or words to that affect.....

But I took that statement out as this was not an 1151 claim because they already conceded and paid for his 1151 death.

My point here is that Nothing is impossible but many claims require lots of research, reading med recs and SMRs over and over again, and these days more often then not they need a strong IMO.

There are vets here who should have MD after their names because they know so much about many medical issues.

The VA has turned most of us into pseudo doctors and lawyers. But when we can get back up on our claims from a real doctor, with a full medical rationale, that balances the scale or even tips it far our favor, we will succeed.

GRADUATE ! Nov 2nd 2007 American Military University !

When thousands of Americans faced annihilation in the 1800s Chief

Osceola's response to his people, the Seminoles, was

simply "They(the US Army)have guns, but so do we."

Sameo to us -They (VA) have 38 CFR ,38 USC, and M21-1- but so do we.

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Mekon1971- please read Berta's post to you above over and over. The information she is giving you will help you win some of these claims the VA is going to be denying you service connection for. You need a copy of your medical service records and you need someone to help you go through those records to determine what conditions were actually documented in your STRs.

Berta said, "When I see Mekon 1971 I guess I think right away , Mekong Delta Vietnam , and I think AO DMII" ,

I got confused also with this, as my cousin served in the Delta in the reverine forces in the Navy in RVN, so I was thinking presumptive. I am stuggling with some of the exams that VA ordered for you, and I think there may have been some over development on your file as far as ordering exams. That is a nice way of saying "there were exams ordered that probably should never have been ordered, as it gives the Veteran false hope fo service connection. I thiny you had so many contentions they just ordered exams because they knew they can't defer so they wanted an exam on everything. (my opinion)- which is good for the RVSR to make a decision, but not so hot for the Veteran as I think it will result in alot of denials.- IMO

Edited by harleyman
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The VA requires that you have 2 separate glucose readings above 126 or a 6.5 or higher AIC reading to be diagnosed with DM II. My private doc actually diagnosed me when my readings were over 200. The VA granted my claim based on his diagnosis.

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