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Seeking Feedback On Shoulders

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I was army infantry from 98-2004

I was medically discharged for hearing loss and bilateral shoulders. however my shoulders met retention standards.

When I discharged in 2004 i made a va claim for my shoulders in which I received no service connection.

At the c and p the doctor wrote the following.

Examination of his right shoulder reveals no cracking but does have mild pain with movement. 180 degrees of flexion and abduction. 70 degrees of extension. 90 degrees external and 90 degrees internal rotation. impengment negative.

Left shoulder reveals no tenderness with palpalation. 180 degrees flexion and abduction. 70 degrees extension. 90 degrees external and 45 degrees internal which is quite painful. impengment positive on left. his left shoulder is symptomatic when he goes over his head or or when he bends his arm inferiorily.


right shoulder pain muscoloskeletal. x ray negative

left shoulder pain more likely than not due to rotator cuff abnormality. xray negative

after nine years of pain from my shoulders I finally went to my private Dr. who suggested physical therapy. after 7 weeks of physical therapy here are the results.

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Physical therapy results

flexion L 130 with pain R 140 with pain

extension L 20 with pain R 20 with pain

external L 60 R 60

Internal L 30 R 30

After showing my private Dr. these results he recommended an xray

results are left shoulder normal and right shoulder shows arthritus.

I am currently scheduled for an mri for my shoulders next weak.

Can anyone tell me there thoughtts on possibly being sevice connected and what percentage if so.

Thank you for any help

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I won on both my shoulders, but xrays showed tendenopothy and arthritis. I guess I would see if I could get the xrays from your C and P and show them to your current doctor for a comparison, and to see if he sees arthritis in those xrays. If the arthritis occured (started) after you got out, I don't see a service connect. However, the right opinion could make the connection.

I have 10 % left and 20% right (ROM). Arthritis and tendenopothy in both from xrays.


“There is no hook my friend. There's only what we do.”  Doc Holiday 

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So my range of movement on all test dosent seem to warrant anything.

What about pain or the noted impengment?

Or the diagnoses of at leaste as likely as not pain due to rotator cuff?

None of this is worth anything?

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