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Thinking Therapist Has To Have Gone Thru It?

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I have been noticing quite a bit of vets coming on making comments like the above, which to me and my therapist is an insult to the profession!

Why would I feel more comfortable with a therapist who has the same conditions I have?

The therapist we see are doctors and it would be wrong if the doctor you see also has PTSD or MST to be comparing his her reaction to theirs!

I swear when I hear see vets post that they think this, I almost go ballistic! I go to my therapist to be treated for what I have PTSD and not to discuss his ailments.

His knowledge and his training is what I am relying on to help me with meds and with dealing with everyday issues that I sometimes can not seem to take. And also tell me how to react and not react and listen to his advice. To think I am going there to listen to him bellyache about his problems???

Anyhow wishing all have someone who is good for you and not you good for them!


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I completely agree. I've seen some stupid things on this forum and other military/veteran forums that make me think lower of a lot of veterans. Therapists go through training and schooling for years to get to where they're at, so they can give you advice on how to get through your ordeals. They DON'T need PTSD for them to help those with it. I know there are a lot of vets out there with PTSD who look down on other vets with PTSD just because they didn't go through the same type of stress that they went through. And if you have a therapist who went through something very stressful, there might be a big chance that they will do the same.

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I sent an IRIS question in on 6/26/2013 and receive a generic reply today 9/5/2013. I sent 2 other questions in after the June 26th with no reply.

It does not matter who you contact all you can do is sit back and wait.

stillhere -

You said "I have been noticing quite a bit of vets coming on making comments like the above, which to me and my therapist is an insult to the profession!"

stillhere - You know this forum is for claims questions and starting this topic in the PTSD forum. This not the right place for it.

It makes you go ballistic when you hear a veteran say something to the effect of "Thinking Therapist Has To Have Gone Thru It?" Really, hmmm. Ok.

Talking negative about veterans, because it makes you angry because you think it insults the profession and you personally.

I mean, come on, you say "you've been seeing a lot of veterans" that say such and such and you don't like it.

stillhere - you may not be aware but posts like this bring nothing to the table. Complaining about things you can't prove or hypothetical situations. Look you can say whatever you want at your own place. Like I said you may not be aware but this kind of post is sort of negative trolling. Stating facts or situations that can't be proved on a touchy subject like this tends to make people "ballistic" and that churns up a lot of posts arguing over something that is so not helpful and causes disruptions to forums.

stillhere I am not saying you are doing this, I'm saying this is what it looks like and it cannot go on here.

stillhere please PM me if you have any further comments


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I am writing my memoirs and would love it if you could help a shipmate out and look at it.

I've had a few challenges, perhaps the same as you. I relate them here to demonstrate that we can learn, overcome, and find purpose in life.

The stories can be harrowing to read; they were challenging to live. Remember that each story taught me something I would need once I found my purpose, and my purpose was and is HadIt.com Veterans.

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