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Ebenefits File Upload Limit, Only Document Type Other Correspondence


So I am new to all this and initiated a claim on eBenefits. I initiated a Disability Compesation Applications. I have gathered all supporting files. When I go to the Supporting Documents section, the only option for uploads is "Other Correspondence" and that category only allows 5 files maximum. I have a dozens of documents I need to upload. But I cannot for the life of me find a category for treatment records, or letters. Other Correspondence is the only option for document type.

I have not submitted the claim.

Is this some sort of bug? I have been through the sequence of questions a dozen or more times just to see if I was missing something.

Anyone know how to correctly upload the supporting files?


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You initiated the claim but didnt submit it????

I regret I am not familiar with ebenefits and others herre who use ebenefits will chime in on that andthe upload question., but one thing I see here is that you might not need
tosubmit "dozens" of documents ......

Do you have VA medical records? If so the VAMC has them, and the regional office will get them, once the claim is 'submitted', and only in some cases does the claimant have to re submit any of them.

If you have private records, VA ,once they know of that,will send you an authorization form (maybe it is part of the actual 526) to get those records.

You also can obtain all of your med recs as well ,to have your own copy.

This appears to be your firstVA claim.

If you tell us what you are claiming, and why you believe it should be service connected, we can help more.

The concept of service connection arises due to fulfilling this criteria:


It pays to keep a claim as simple as possible. And to limit the issues to those disabilities that have the greatest chance of service cnnection and then to claim any disabilities that could become secondary, by medical evidence , as secondary issues.

But then again, even the most seemingly non significant disability, could in time get worse and become sercvice connected.

We can help more if we know more about the claim.

Ebenefits also has,I am sure, a limit on uploads and we could assess what they really need to see.....

You will definitely have more time to submit evidence to the VA. Unless this is a FDC claim?????


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My claim is straight forward. I have psoriatic arthritis that has led to my recent disability. My military medical records record being treated for psoriatic arthritis on active duty. So the service connection is established through chronicity. It is an incurable degenerative condition. I have all my medical records. Letters from all my doctors. I have been developing the claim on eBenefits as they claim it shortens the processing time. I was hoping to submit a fully developed claim (FDC).

The issue is that I cannot upload all of the supporting documents to eBenefits. All the files are pdf and less than 5Gb. It is limiting me to a maximum count of 5 files. The only document type in the Optional Documents pull down menu is "Other Correspondence".

I called the eBenefits / VDC Technical Support @ 1-800-983-0937. They instructed me that I needed to logout, then login and I would be able to upload more documents. I have tried that with no success. I have submitted a help ticket and received a confirmation email opening with an inquiry number. I guess I will wait to see if they respond and are able to help.

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Well, it seems that their technical support customer service for eBenefits online application is nearly non-existent. They closed the ticket without explanation and referred me to the regional office. Looks like I will need to submit hard copies of every document. And this is suppose to be the fast track...

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Here is what i did i put in my frist FDC claim in 30 Sept 2013 . I scan all documents under 5 MB in PDF unlocked of course. I had to break up my files of course. I scaned my items by condition claimed that were in order by month and year. I did this and i am glad i did i found.two items to claim that were in my old paper record. This was after the DAV VSO overlooked them. The items were burried in a very thick record so it was easy to miss unless you go page by page and break it up by condition like i did. I submited my claim then uploaded my files right away on view and upload buttion on e benifits. Also upload DD 214 , birth and marriage certs,

I was told to break up the files by condition to make it easy for the rater not sure if this is true but it did make sence and i did find 2 more items to claim so was it worth the time yes it was. Any advice on how outher people upload there files.

Timeline of Dates: first claim , FDC claim filed 30 Sept 2013

All C&P exams and tests completed 17 Dec2013 as per e benefits

Days from Claim filed to completed all C&P exams and tests 78 Days

Days since C&P exams completed 93 days

Days since claim filed 171 days

Claim closed date ????

VA rating ????

All dates as of 21 March 2014

Note claim filed with the Manila VA C&P exams. completed with the Manila VAOPC.

Take Care and God Bless


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Uploading it using the "other correspondence "category is fine. I think that's something they are trying to fix but for now it works and they will still get the documents. Just try to give each file very descriptive filename such as MedicalEvidence_Dr.Lovejoy_Apr2013_hypertension.pdf

And be sure to print the page showing the documents that you uploaded--which it prompts you to do.

Also, I think tech support was meaning you should upload 5 files-then logout-then upload 5 more files-then logout...

Edited by NavyWife

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