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Chances Of I U ( Here's My Results) Good Or Bad



I'm 40 percent for my back 30 percent for my neck 20 percent for my right upper extremity and 10 percent for my left leg. I filed for IU a year and a half ago. I had a letter from my previous employer stating how severe my back problems were and how he seen me on the ground several times unable to move in pain. He also stated that I was unable to work for him because of my back problems, and I missed to much work because I was bed ridden because of my back condition. My chiropractor also submitted a letter stating that my back problems are so severe that I cant obtain gainful employment. So those are the big pieces of evidence in my favor. However I went to the c_n p exam, and the examiner stated that my back and neck do effect my work however I should be able to have gainful enployment. So my question is do you think they will find in my favor for iu, or the c_m_p examiners favor for denial. If I'm denied should I file a n o d thank you.

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I am in almost the same boat as you. But, I do have physic attached via service connected DUE to my back. Its hard for me to accept that I can no longer provide for myself let alone my family. I have been diagnosed with major depression due to my back issues.

Now after my recent C&P exam for an increase, during the exam the examiner asked why I thought I could not work because of my back issues. I have upper body abilities, I can't lift, nor walk for any amount of time. Twist and bend. Why can't I do sedentary work? I really couldn't give a good answer at that time. I woke up one morning after the exam, with the answer waking me up.

"The pain is very excruciating that interferes with my train of thought and making logical thinking

very difficult as all I am thinking about is the pain and how to overcome it. Considering the

location of the pain radiating ACROSS the lower portion of my back, leaning to one side or

another while in a sitting position does little to help relieve the pain. My only other option is to

increase my pain medications(I am currently taking Hydrocodone) which is opiate based, which creates even more problems with logical thinking. Increasing the dosage could lead to dependency, when not necessary as my current medication is just enough to keep me functioning with pain some-what controllable. An increase in opiates will definitely cause side effects that will make logical thinking impossible."

I don't know if this helps, and it doesn't help me now that my exam is over... but I am keeping this handy for the next time... which I am sure their will be a next time.

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Same issue, when I went in front of the judge for ssdi, the judge asked the occupational advisor...

1) with current issue of back problems how many jobs are in the local market for this individual?

Occupational advisor:


2) with second current issue, and using the 6000 as the base line how many jobs are available for this individual in the local market?

Occupational advisor:


3) with third current issue, and using 900 as the base line how many jobs are available for this individual in the local market for this individual?

Occupational advisor:


It took three items to secure my SSDI, and if your to succeed with back issues I highly recommend to have more than just the back issue for claims, and/or SSDI.

You can clearly see in the e-CFR for back issues it takes allot... well bare movement for ROM to be any help at all on claims. Which is ridicules set very low. I believe this is because a very high percentage of adults have chronic low-back pain, so they make it very hard for it to be worth the issue of making claims good for it.

just my two cents.

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Kevin, I was denied ssdi, even though my doctor said I can't work they said I could, I even went through appeals and was denied again, it's unbelievable to me how easy it is to get ssdi for depression, which is what I should have done, but a physical back problem is almost impossible. Kevin thank you for sharing your trials. Hope you get iu this time around.

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