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  1. Thank you for your response. It would be either a one duplex or quadplex (VA home loans go up to quadplex, which i will be utilizing). Basically that is about all i will be doing. Maintenance and yard care would be done by someone I would hire (also why I would only consider collecting halve of the rent for myself and rest to home care). Not that it would matter to the VA but I would also probably go through the VA housing people for veterans looking for home. My concern is also partly that when I was first awarded comp it was based on my income as well. I dont think that is the case now at that I am at 90% with TDIU 100%. I have not worked since the day I filed for SS and VA comp which I did both at the same time back in 2011. I hope this is all correct, it would be nice to have a home and mortgage that is partly taken care of and not just an added expense.
  2. I am about to purchase a home. I would love to buy a duplex, so my costs are cut in halve at least. (I say have, because the other halve would be going to a maintenance savings for the property) Problem is I am 100% due to TDIU. I have read that this would be considered unearned income by Social Security and would not jeopardize my Social Security, but VA comp may be lost. I also read that if it was managed by an outsourced individual that I would not loose my VA comp. But, for myself that would mean I would need to hire someone (property manager) and that would probably reduce any beneficial income from the rental property. I would rather just do it myself (if only a duplex). I have come to far to lose my VA comp, but I would like to have a little extra hand with the mortgage. Anybody have any real knowledge on this, such as have or is doing this that is on TDIU? Thanks for any input!
  3. I am rated at 90% with TDIU. I also have Social Security Disability I make 150 per month off pension from state I know I am not allowed to earn any substantial income but I am looking at maybe a duplex up to a quadplex (but rare with 3 bedrooms) home. I will live in one of the units VA Home loan program will cover up to quadplex (as least thats what I have been told as long as I do live in one of the units) I am wanting to do this because most of my income comes from the federal government, and if for some reason one or the other or even both stops.. i wil at least have my home being paid for buy renters hopefully (thats the plan) Social Security Disablitiy is pretty straight forward.. I can only make 1,170 per month. Which I can stay under even if quadplex.. i just wouldnt rent the fourth apartment out and reserve it for family in need on an emergency basis. VA Compensation TDIU is a bit more complex on the rules. No substantial income.. thats vague and can be interpretated by an individual in many differenient ways. I would like some feed back on this from as many people or hopefully others that have went down this same path I am looking at. Thanks in advance! Kevin
  4. I am a bit confused about the qualifications on this particular item. I have read .. hell I can not even explain it as really because it confuses me that much so I am just going to be blunt.. would I qualify for consideration for housebound? I stay at home most of the time as I am tired most of the time(sleep apnea)/spinal stenosis (which increases tremendously when I travel)/radiculopathy down both legs and anxiety issues. My fiance' does most of the chores around the house. She would take me to VA appointments because I get easily distracted (because of pain) and basically easily upset when I drive, but she of course works so she can not. I have a total rating of 90% with TDIU 100% 70% for depression and the rest of my issues are various ranging from 30%'s/20%'s and a 10%.
  5. I am service connected at 20% for spinal stenosis, 20% radiculopathy right leg, and 30% radiculopathy right leg (both secondary to the spinal stenosis. I am also (now) rated at 70% for Somatic Pain secondary to my spinal stenosis. This is where it is “possible” to claim as secondary to your chronic pain for depression/anxiety. Take in mind that each of us have our own unique situations and my situation warranted the connection. The connection for depression and anxiety is due to the fact that after several jobs that as a blue collar worker I was not able to find a job suitable with my limitations. After losing those jobs I lost confidence in myself and able to provide for my family adequately as I should have been able to do if it was not for my service connected spinal stenosis. I am still after ten years dealing with this as well as my children are. I am not going to go into the details, but it didn’t just cost me my job (and others) paying $26.50 an hour but my children as well which added to my depression and anxiety. I am going to try and upload the last award letter (partial) so you can see Somatic played a role into depression. Scan_Doc30001.pdf
  6. I need to do an update here... With Dr. Bash's help, we filed for some new contentions. In just three months the claim(s) went from start to finish. I had two C&P exams, not at a VA, but contracted. The first exam covered everything general and second was mental. I actually felt good on both exams. When I read Ebenefit's for updates I seen that I jumped from 80% to 90%, and was excited but not happy of course, as I had felt really good about the exams. But, as someone here once mentioned, a win is a win. Regardless I was anxious to see the "letters" and to see what they had to say. Dr. Bash asked me to get the examiners notes so I went too the RO and obtained two days afterwards (weekend) of finding out i had went from 80 to 90. After reading the letters I was surprised to see that none of the new contentions nor any other issue had raised at all. The only thing that moved was my Somata (depression/anxiety and others) went from 30% to 70%. They dropped the ball on the letters and I had to write to the VA Director upon Dr. Bash's to get the RO to send me new copies. The retro I received was higher then expected. But the big surprise came on May 1 deposit.. 3k. That's when, I called RO office and talked to them directly to find out if something was wrong with the payout. I actually won my TDIU! I was very surprised about this as I had not seen anything on Ebenefits nor had anyone mentioned it. At this point I am happy, but I feel since this exam was conducted outside the VA, I believe "IF" next review is done in house at the VA hospital, then it will be very easy for them to reduce me. So, I am going to go ahead and push with Dr. Bash's help to get to 100%. I should mention that my rating % was 94.043% or something like that.. just short of 95% by less than 1/2% from getting me to the 100% due to round up. DuaneP, your case looks stronger than mine as my next higher rating after the 70% for depression was only 30% for several different items. jmo though, but if I was you I would diffidently file for it. Take in mind during general exam they did ask me what two particular items kept me from working, and I did not mention mental (that exam was the next day). Sorry if this all sounds confusing, its late.. I have been writing a lay statement to add to my paperwork which I will be faxing to dr. Bash tomorrow.
  7. The number Chris called from is different, so I do plan on calling that number first thing in the morning.
  8. Has anyone actually talked to Dr. Bash in the last month or so? Has anyone heard of his son Chris Bash. Got a phone call from Chris Bash whom said he was working with his dad. I recently sent a package two days ago, but I can not verify that I am actually talking to someone from Dr. Craigs office. I have sent several texts to Dr. Craig Bash phone over the last two months, to which no replys have came back. I called his cell tonight but his voice mail is full. Sorta worried if I am talking to someone in his office or if someone picked up my package with all my personnel information in it.
  9. Just curious what you all think if the average of 100% TDIU is given for 90% service-connected is high or not? 2 cents?
  10. I seen this come across my Facebook feed. I have not been to this location listed, so I have no need to call it. Might be worth investigating for those that was in the area after the date listed and your having issues. If it turns out to be nothing more than a hoax I apologize and please remove the information if need be. Iragi veterans that have been too Taji, Irag from 02/11 have been confirmed to be exposed too chemical gas and need to call the following numbers. 1-800-497-6261 or Stephanie at 410-436-3289 Connie at 410-436-2454
  11. I am probably mistaken and this is just a coincidence. I am at 80%, and I have a claim that could put me at 90% and remotely 100%. My claim "did" say estimated completion for 2016, then it jumped to December of 2015. Now it states no estimation of completion at the local RO level. I sent in an iris inquiry and have not heard back yet, that was about a week and half ago. Yesterday I received a letter from the VA for Chapter 35 education benefits form 22-5490 (which I do have kids, one just turning 18...) From what I have read, only 100%ers get this benefit... maybe... maybe... Christmas bonus? I am sure I am just getting this letter as a general inquiry...
  12. I am diagnosed with service-connection with Gerd, and Barrett's Disease. Barrett's is secondary to Gerd. A year or so ago I filed for Sleep Apnea too Gerd. I go a denial, which has really bothered me as I have read their is allot of possibility that Gerd can cause sleep apnea. I have been doing as much research as I can on the matter to find out why I got denied. I have been diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea by a private company that was ORDERED by the VA. The result was moderate obstructive sleep apnea. The VA followed up with issuing a CPAP machine. Which unfortunately I have had allot of issues wearing as the machine is not following my breathing patterns, but we are working on finding out exactly why. Anyways, while reading up on everything as I usually do late in the evening, I had an epiphany when I read that my Gerd did not have a diagnosing of stricture. I thought for sure that would be part of the Gerd diagnoses since I do have Barrett's Disease. Barrett's Disease is not rated by e-cfr in itself, so I wondered if it was a possible that is where I should be looking at instead of the Gerd. There it was in black in white. Barrett's Disease service-connected due to Gerd service-connected and the rating decision states MODERATE STRICTURE. So there was the link I was missing and why my first attempt to connect Sleep Apnea to gerd was denied. Next step is to find an IME that is an Otolaryngologist that will use the VA's terminology "More than like than not" and to state that it has "aggravated" my sleep apnea should be also be noted. to write up a Nexus if he/she feels that this is truly a possibility. Going to cost me an arm and leg, but I believe I have got this now (finally). I have already sent a message to one company that maybe could help get the Nexus, but I have not a clue if they can help really or the cost. What do you all think? I should note I do smoke cigarettes', so they could fall back on this and state that my smoking is causing my issues with sleep.. but doesn't hurt to try except for the impact on my wallet with the IME.
  13. As a side note, in the old forums if I remember correctly their was thread for the various Medical facilities that one could post about issues or non-issues about the particular facilities. Is it possible to re-established this thread of the various Medical facilities so we can talk about those facilities? Less of course names, but just departments. I wouldn't want Hadit to be held accountable for slander on any particular individual.
  14. I was recently in the prosthetic department at Roudebush. I was treated rudely and when I attempted to leave the person stood in the door way to prevent me from leaving. I had to ask him three times politely (please move) to move. At the third request he finally moved out of the door frame. I went to the advocates office to explain what happened. I do have a thick shoulder, and his ruddiness I could brush off. But, him standing in the door frame and blocking me from leaving I felt needed to be addressed. As, I do have a thick skin... many would of probably lost it at his attempt to intimidate and the blocking of the door. After a few weeks I sent a message to the advocate again to see what she had found out. My complaint about my treatment was of concern, but more importantly how they addressed this issue with this person and his behavioral and what was going to be done, or had been done. A week later the advocate sent me a message and just addressed my issue with why the confrontation occurred in the first place, and not nothing about the employee. 1) Anybody else having problems with Roudebush and its employees in Prosthetics? 2) Is it typical for the VA advocates to NOT inform patients of the consequences of its employees and their bad judgment's when a complaint is filed for any certain employee? I believe they are just sweeping this under the carpet (as it appears with most complaints). At, what point can you go beyond the advocates to address a certain employee if this is his/her typical behavior? And, if it is possible to go beyond the local advocates, who would you go too? Thanks Kevin
  15. Does that also apply to an IME, was thinking about hiring one to do just that at the end of the year.
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