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I have a question, I filed for a earlier effective date for my diabetes, and was denied, the VA reason is. (Your effective date would not change even if an earlier diagnosis of your diabetes had been made.) I think the VA is wrong is this ruling, but does anyone know for sure. then they say that Entitlement for compensation for a EED for compensation is denied because the evidence fails to establish that VA medical or educational services were the proximate cause of additional disability. I received a 20% rating for diabetes effective December 2002, but asked for a EED back to 1994, as it says in my medical forms, that I was diet-controlled with diabetes from 1994 until December 2002, but the trouble is, no one at the VA told me, that I had diet control diabetes, I was told in 2001, that I was borderline diabetic, but that was the first time I knew about the diabetes. I was approved for 10% for the right lower extremity, and 10% for the left lower extremity for peripheral Europa in the same letter that I was denied for the EED, that I received today, no more money, but this might help for my housebound/ A&A, that I filed a while back, and was denied and have appealed again. I am also service connected for panic attacks with agoraphobia, so you don't automatically make it easier to get housebound when you have this, like some have been saying on the forum.

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You are talking about a subject where medical malpractice occurs at an alarming rate. My "real" Internist MD outside the VA system always asks me after the says hell-o "Tell me every medication you are taking". The VA never does this ,although I like my VA doctor ,I never feel that I am getting the professional care I receive from my private internist. There are many vets who take 10 to 20 different medications. You cannot tell me that all the multiple interactions and possible interactions are being recognized by the VA. I just don't believe it. When you go to the VA you need to be forearmed with medical information from a source you trust who has no reason to cut costs. I think when you go to the VA you are always risking your life to some extent. That may be harsh but that is the way I feel. I hear these guys from the VFW and AL and DAV praising the VA medical care and I have to laugh. No way would I go there for serious treatment unless I was destitute. Except for my AO exam I have never had what I would call a complete and comphrehensive exam at the VAMC in the last ten years. The AO exam identified my diabetes and PN and no other doctor ever pointed this out to me or even mentioned it as a possibility. My AO doctor is no longer at the VA.

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