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Pitched Nerve In Neck

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Vet is SC for Neck and Left and Right Knee, etc. He is 100% TDiU at 80%. He was operated on Neck in 2008 and SC for it in 2009. He learned the other day from VA that he has a pitch nerve in his SC Neck which affects his left shoulder, left arm, wrist, and left hand fingers 3 of them which are numb. He also has weakness where as he can't raise his left arm but so high before it falls down. He refuses to be operated on because of all the prior operations he has had. He is also confused because X-Ray didn't show impingement. The other day he had EMG done at VA and now VA is saying its in Neck but when they examine him they only examined the shoulder arm and wrist. He believes impingement is in shoulder and not in neck. He also believes they want to say Neck so he won't claim anything because he is already service connected for neck.

My question is should he put in a claim for his shoulder, arm, wrist and fingers because of his neck? His wife is afraid that he is going to loose all function in them and that is why she thinks he needs to be SC for them.

Please help so I can help this Vet.

Thanks for your replies in advance.

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Sounds like you may have a claim for peripheral neuropathy, secondary to the SC neck condition.

Copied From: http://www.benefits.va.gov/WARMS/docs/regs/38cfr/bookc/part4/s4_124a.doc

Diseases of the Peripheral Nerves

The term “incomplete paralysis” with this and other peripheral nerve injuries indicates a degree of lost or impaired function substantially less than the type pictured for complete paralysis given with each nerve, whether due to varied level of the nerve lesion or to partial regeneration. When the involvement is wholly sensory, the rating should be for the mild, or at most, the moderate degree. The following ratings for the peripheral nerves are for unilateral involvement; when bilateral, combine with application of the bilateral factor.


Major Minor

Upper radicular group (fifth and sixth cervicals)

8510 Paralysis of:

Complete; all shoulder and elbow movements lost or severely

affected, hand and wrist movements not affected ............................. 70.......... 60


Severe 50.......... 40

Moderate ............................................................................................. 40.......... 30

Mild .................................................................................................... 20.......... 20

I hope this helps.

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  • HadIt.com Elder

Can he afford to get tested outside the VA and have doctor write report for him? Trusting the VA to do the right thing is a long shot. I have problem with my neck as well, but surgery is the last resort when you can't raise your arm or you are numb to the bone. I sure as heck would not let the VA operate on my neck. Does he have Medicare? If someone is going to cut into my neck it is going to be the best doctor in town and not some hack at the VA. His life is at stake in any operation. A little to much gas and you are at the VA's boot hill.

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I totally agree with John. If you have any medical condition (injury or disease) other than minor medical conditions, seek medical treatment somewhere else other than the VA healthcare system if you can afford it. Recent despicable events in the VA healthcare system involving the mistreatment and failure to treat veterans in a timely manner should make this an easy decision unless the VA healthcare system is your last resort. This is just my opinion and others will disagree but why take the chance?

Good luck to you

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  • In Memoriam

I have the same problem. My first two fingers on both hands are numb. If I get them around hot water or steam it is extremely painful. My arms are all messed up too. I have had complete paralisis 3 times now spending about 2 weeks in the hospital. This last time was at a private hospital.The VA tried to tell me that a tummy ache caused the paralisis. I got pretty mad and another doctor came in an told me that it was from the neck injury and that the vegas nerve has been crunched up from bone narowing.


The Vegus nerve controls a lot including the stomach. I have no sense of taste and don't get hungry. I am down to 155 pounds. I will get a neurosergeon to do the neck work and he will be private not VA.

I have impingement of the neck. I have had numerous MRI, CT, X-Rays and a VA neuro sergeon who says that it is the neck. I have seen the MRI, and etc. This one will fool a person because the Vegus nerve contols so much. You don't have to let the VA operate he can do it outside, fee basis if he must.

He can put in a claim for taste and /or smell, if he has that problem. He can put in various claims for about anything. The neuro radiologist can give him clues and will help with diagnosis. He should not be afraid of outside surgery with a good neuro.

I am a pretty hard headed and after listening to John999 many times I have learned a few things that I will do properly.

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