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H Vac Hearing On Ig Phoenix Report



Yippee! VA IG Griffin had to clarify the IG report wording and it's draft......."conclusive" my butt.

NO standards of medical negligence were applied to the IG's report.....of course not...... .but he correctly stated that the veterans or their survivors CAN file under FTCA.

He saved me another FOIA on that.....

I could not see how they had come to any viable medical conclusion on the Phoenix deaths and. as a widow of a vet, who suffered death by VA, I knew
the original report and draft was just VAOLA to CTAs, with no substantial medical rationale.

Dr. Foote has regained his credibility,today, that VA tried to take away from him,since he first testified months ago, and I too feel vastly vindicated for all of the research and typing and
griping I have done since June 2014 to the H VAC, FBI etc.....as to what the VA spin machine is really like (with evidence of the other 2 secret lists).

The worse is yet to come,in my opinion, and that could cause a total revamping of the very system,whose sole existence is due to your sacrifices,from your military service.

This was quite a hearing...I couldn't find it on TV C Span but watched it online at


and had to leave the hearing before it closed ,so hopefully I can see it again.

93 medical facilities were investigated by the IG and found 3400 vets who might have experienced delays in care............ at Phoenix VA alone.

Cong Miller feels someone within VA leaked the first report containing the " conclusive" statement and Miller thinks that leak could have been deliberate.

I have been commenting on many news outlets on line following the VA scandals and find many take the time to also comment with terrible tales of misdiagnosis and even dearths they believed VA caused their spouses or fathers.mothers, etc.

Most news on line don't allow links to other sites but I tell them to google my name, and then FTCA or1151 and info will pop up ( most of it is here at hadit)

But it bothers me a lot when (I have heard VA malpractice stories for over 20 years,living near a VAMC)

when they don't take the time to really file charges against the VA.

Some do, of course but many don't and I have seen that here.as well.

If you feel VA did not give you appropriate care, an IMO can give you either the basis for a FTCA or 1151 award or, better yet sometimes, Peace of mind that no malpractice occurred.

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Thanks for the update, Berta.

I saw a little on CBS about it- glad they aren't sweeping it under rug so far.

We know there is so much more to the VA debacle than being able to say specifically that x number of vets died due to y.

It seems Congress doesn't really want to know the truth because VA costs so much already; if they wanted truth it would just require independent, unannounced inspections by qualified civiliam medical personnel.

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If anyone is interested in watching the hearing via Berta's link, please be aware that it is 6 and a half hours long

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If they will not let Berta be the Secretary of the Veterans Administration, I think she should at least be named as the next VA Inspector General. This would restore credibility in the VA OIG office. JMO

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That Griffen is a real piece of work. He did not know how to commit and had to say that the delays may have had some effect on the Veterans deaths. Maybe he was instructed to say this, but it doesn't matter caue he lied.

This guy needs to go. Both him and deputy dog need to go.

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My thoughts exactly. It's pretty bad when a doc testifies that routine non-VA policy is to do something simple, but instead the VA chooses to do something minimal, costing the life of a fellow Veteran.

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