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C&p Rescheduled

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Guest jangrin


Guest jangrin

Hello Everyone,

The saga continues. My husbands C&P exam had been cancelled last week with one hour notice. We were quite upset because we were moving and we didn't know when he would be rescheduled and if we would even be in the area.

UPDATE- My husband called and the VA rescheduled his C&P exam for the next week. (our last day in our town). He went to the C&P. It was performed by a contract NP. I was allowed in the room. She talked to my husband about his DMII primarily and some about his chest pain. SHe checked his breathing and the pulse in his feet. Thats all. It took about 15 minutes of talking and 10 minutes max for physical exam.

In our letter from the VA it said the exam was a,"disability exam". Since my husband applied for TDIU I was expecting her to evaluate everything.

She did what seemed to be a DMII exam.

Also, we took copies of ALL doctors reports, she didn't want them told us to send them it to the VA.

I'm not sure what just happened. She said at the end of the exam that my husband should hear something in the next 3 months.

I thought he was supposed to be scheduled for exams for all of his conditions. Maybe he will have more C&P exams scheduled but we are now 8 months since claim filed.

Jangrin :angry:

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  • HadIt.com Elder


Your husband should have an eye exam as well. He should be tested for peripheral nerves. DMII exams should be very extensive since there are so many secondary conditions. My DMII exam lasted about 5 minutes. My PN exam lasted about 10 minutes. I got my own eye exam. There are many, many potential secondary conditions to DMII. Get a real doctor outside the VA to track your husband.

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  • HadIt.com Elder

Glad you got the C&P out of the way. I don't like this idea of NP's doing C&P exams I guess they ran out of old Docs to use.

Best of Luck

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John is right -they gave one of my local vets one DMII C & P and they never gave him a heart C & P or a visual one.

He has heart disease due to DMII, heart stints, PN, and is legally blind due to glaucoma.

I think the problem was- I got involved in his claim at the last minute-but he could not find all of his records- it was hard for him to tell me just what was what with it-

It seemed to me he never claimed these as secondary so maybe that is why only one C & P.He said he added them and sent them a NOD. I sent him the TDIU form too but he said he had misplaced that-Then he called me and said his private doctor said he would write a statement for VA that he has severe depression due to the diabetes because he is unemployable-I emailed him to add the depression as secondary to the DMII.

Olenavygoat is right- you should access the DMII training letter too here at hadit.

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Guest jangrin


Original claim was for AO DMII and PTSD and as secondarys of DMIImy husband filed claim for (HBP, peripheral neuropathy, Hyperlipidemia, CAD, tennitis and hearing loss. Three weeks later added cateracts and ED.)

Added TDIU when Dr. Bash furnished report.

This is a list of Doctors and findings summerized:

Original diagnosis of DMII came from doctor with VA medical clinic. Heart diagnosis and evaluation from VA cardiologist. Addtional heart diagnosis from imaging radiologist. Eye exam done by VA but not official C&P. Hearing exam done by VA but not C&P.

Independent Exam and report of findings from Dr. Bash for service connection of AO DMII and secondarys.

(bilateral PN hands and feet, CAD secondary to DMII, HBP secondary DMII, ED, cataracts,) hearing loss SC

SSA Internist Doctor examination and findings of DMII with PN, CAD, etc. as secondary.

SSA Mental health exam doctor = ptsd and depression as secondary

VA psychologist=depression

VA contract mental health=ptsd depression

Filed claim in Feb, 06. The only C&P exam scheduled was this most recently done by the NP.

All medical professionals seem to agree on the examination findings and inability to work. We hired Dr. Bash to service connect the DMII to AO and secondarys to DMII. SSA doctor agreed with Dr. Bash. All mental health agree.

I don't know what else we can do right now except wait. and wait and wait. We'll see how they rate the SC DMII and we'll see what they do with all of the secondarys. The PTSD is ???? We have no idea what they plan on for that.

I think we will leave the claim in the RO where it is until we get an initial rating. Then when we NOD we will have it moved to our new home location.

This waiting drives a person NUTS111 :angry:

Your thoughts on if we can do anything else???? We appreciate your comments!!


Jangrin and Chuckles B) B)

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  • HadIt.com Elder


The DMII and the AO connection are a done deal. The secondaries are a little more difficult but PN is so common to DMII it shoud go OK. I would just wait and see what the VA rates your husband and then get the SOC and go from there. The SOC will contain the clues to unlocking the VA's money bags. I would keep tabs on the status of the claim by calling the 800 number about every month and make sure things are on track and that they are not waiting for something you can provide.

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