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Ptsd Vets , 80,000 Possible For Upgraded Discharges




I posted this news when it came out here but Col. Dan is sending this link out from S & S and it is so important it bears repeating here.

An untold number of vets surely got bad paper when they left the Military after Vietnam service.DUE TO PTSD.

What gets me is that this could rectify that travesty for many of them...but those comp dollars they lost decades ago due to a denial of benefits, had a better monetary value then they would have today.

That is a travesty too.

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I do remember you Dan and hoped you would read this.

I haven't even read the whole recent article yet myself but I assume that VA should go through all denied PTSD claims in the past that should be reopened (by VA itself) like they did with Footnote One Nehmer claims....because how many vets mthis news might affect, might never be aware of it all.I sure havent seen it mentioned on TV.

"Stripes wouldn't post my comment on previous story where I included link to hadit."

Kelly VBN kicked me off years ago because I put our link here in my profile. Then from time to I noticed since, that others were directing VBN posters to hadit. :wacko:

I felt frustrated that they kicked me off but it is a YUKU thing I think.....I didnt want to repeat to some widows at VBN all the DIC info we have here. It takes too much time.

I used to do a few articles for Stars and Stripes when it was a paper newsletter.

I comment at some internet news site when I have time but some do not allow other links in the comments due to security reasons I think.

It is a shame that veterans need all the info they can get but it is not always possible to share it online everywhere due to the confines of the vast internet.

I commented on some veteran or widow of vet posters who claimed malpractice after the Phoenix incident.

On sites where I could not post our link, I told them just to google Berta Simmons FTCA 1151 (because I knew they would get linked to hadit that way and could join) or I would say this is a clue...have you had it with the VA? did you ever google that as one word?

So I really wasnt giving our link out.

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Good news for vietnam vets..........

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