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Varo Claim Development Stinks

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Guest jangrin


Guest jangrin

Well we finally figured out why it takes so long to process and rate and get final approval on our claim. Yesterday we got a call from the VARO (after we sent them an email status request). The very nice lady on the phone said they were waiting for records. We asked what kind of records, she said records for gastrointestinal problems. We stated ALL records have been sent to RO and All VCAA notices are signed stating no more records available. Then I stated that we requested my husbands SMRs but we couldn't get them because ARCHIVES sent the records to the RO. She said oh yes, we have the SMRs. I said what is the hold up then.

Her answer, "WELL,WE JUST HAVE A FOLDER, WE DON"T READ THE PAPERS WE GET.OK folks-they actually admit they don't read this stuff.

Then she tells us we are suppose to write a letter saying no more information or records.

So much for the legal VCAA election box being checked. :(


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  • HadIt.com Elder
It is not an accident that the VA is understaffed. The government just does not want to pay these claims. If they delay long enough many vets will die off and they don't have to pay.

That is exactly true. They have pushed me around for the last 3 years, since I secured those psychiatric records from the archives.

Every time I think that there is hope of ending this battle. It just starts again.

I have told them my story so many times, that I am wondering what in the heck to say, if and when, they should order a new C&P for me.

It seems that the letter that I received yesterday, gives the doctors that option.

If they would believe and listen to what I am saying and what I can prove, we could end this thing.

I have give them everything, but blood.

They know that now I am getting older and more illnesses on the arisen.

I had cancerous colon polyps removed last Wednesday and they know that it is also in my Thyroid, now they are wanting another possible C&P, at my convenience and my place and time.

Shall I just ask the doctors to meet me this time at my private hospital?


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