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Amc - For Larryj Who Needed Help With Claim

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I can help you with this one and it will work. I got the same darn run around, about perhaps there were medical records at the archives for me, since in 2004, I located my long lost Psychiatric records and a letter of my discharge from my C.O.

Pearl told me that the letter from the archives with the medical records were due in on September 2, well like a dummy I waited, but they told me that if in the mean time, if I wanted to contact the archives for missing records and send them to them, they could progress with my claim.

Not true. I send for those darn records in May and again in July and heard the same story. They had received what I sent to them, but they wanted something directly from the archives themselves, that didn't pass through my hands. Well they should have told that the first time.

Nothing showed up from the archives on the 2nd of September.

They were still waiting for their records. I called the archives to find out that they had never been requested by the AMC.

Larry, If there are no more records, this is what you need to do. It worked with me at the archives. I beat them at their own game. I called the archives, used the internet to request for them to please fax this information into the AMC. I got a phone call from the archives to see if that is exactly what I needed. The technicican said that he would have a letter faxed to them in about 10 minutes. He even went to the extent to call the archives to see if they received his fax and then called me back.

Now, finally my file is moving.


"Pearl, you and I both know that the Okla. Rehab. won't have any files going back to 1964. So's how about we just go ahead and forget about it? You know, y'all just go ahead with what ya got? You know, I sends ya a letter tellin ya that I give up on gettin the records outta Oklahoma?"

Pear says, "Nope. Can't do that. Gotta wait until Nov. 21st."

I, like the dummy that I am, says, "Oh. Okay."

Larry, you need to call the Okla. Rehab, and ask them yourself if they have any other records for you for 1964? They will check and if they say no. Tell them to "state that there are no more records at this center for the following years, for Name, Social Security Number.

Tell them that you want them to fax this information to the AMC fax # 1 – 202- 530- 9216.

They will be happy to do this for you, if you explain to them what is going on.

You can then call the AMC and see if they have the letter and then your file will move on out.

I hate to tell you that date, she gave you, is nothing factual, just what they assume. They absolutely will not work your claim until this is done.

If you need more help, don't hesitate to let me know.



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I had two problems when I asked for IU back a few years ago. The first problem was that the VA said they did not have a certified copy of my DD214. I have been service connected for 35 years. That means the VA has to, according to them, apply to the records dept and get the copy. Of course this could take them years. The other problem was they wanted proof of my last day at work. I was a postal worker so my records are at the Office of Personnel Management in D.C. I had a copy of the Form 50 from the post office showing my last day at work and I had an extra certified copy of my DD214. I took them and drove to the VARO and submitted them. They accepted this information from me. I knew it would take the VA months if not years to get this information. I think these are all just stalling techniques. I had copies of my approval for disability retirement and my approval for SSDI. I hand carried copies of all this stuff to the RO. If I had not done this I would still be waiting.

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I received my official letter today.

This is what it says.


We are writing in connection with the claim that was remanded by the Board of Veterans Appeals on April 10, 2006, however we need additional information or evidence.


We asked the VA medical facility who conducted your August 2005 examination ( actually the date of the exam was April 12, 2005), Hope that this doesn't matter? to review and make a new medical opinion in your appeal. They may contact you to report for a new exam. This exam is very important. If they ask you to report and you fail to attend the exam, we may have to deny your claim, or you might be paid less than you otherwise would. If you can't report for the examination as scheduled, contact the medical facility and arrange a more convenient place or time. This letter will give you the phone number to call.


If you can't report for the examination as scheduled, contact the medical facility and arrange a more convenient place or time.

When have they ever cared about me?


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Thanks! That is exactly what I'll do. I'll just call 'em up and see if they actually do have anything dating back to 1964 ( fat chance ). Then I'll get them to FAX their answer to the AMC. Heck, even if they should actually have any of my records from back then..........I'll just ask that they FAX the records. So, either way, I'm gonna be proactive about this!

Thanks gal!

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You are welcome Larry.

You know exactly what to do now. If they have the records fine and dandy, have them fax them to the AMC with the fax number that I gave you and if they don't have any records, they just have to state.

Your Name



Dear AMC:

Per your request for records from this facility the Oka Rehab, we do not have any records

for this veteran.

Simple as that and then they will move your claim on through.



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