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Dro Informal

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I'm requesting an informal DRO hearing on increase of knees and earlier effective date for tinnitus and unemploability, I kept the NOD generalized as possible.

Do I have to submit my new evidence along with it or can I kept it in my back pocket for ammunition during the hearing?

I have a detailed doctors letters, ILP counselors statement, etc along with CUE disputing everything they denied. As usual the denial letter is 11 pages long with generalized reasoning for denial. All stating not in my service record but never cited any of the evidence I provided.

All my information to dispute them came from this wonderful site with regulations, etc

Thank you for all your time, help and support.

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Delaying sending your evidence = delaying your claim.

It wont help your case to save it for the last minute. Instead, if its in your file you can point to that, and, even ask questions of the hearing officer if he thinks your evidence is probative, if you like.

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Thank you! Guess I will be sending it in. Didn't want them to have time to manipulate it. Will file as an NOD and requesting informal DRO hearing for denied claims. Thank you!!!!

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Oh forgot to update service connection.

50% PTSD

10% chrondromalcia left knee

10% chrondromalcia right knee

10% instability left knee

10% instability right knee

Bilateral factor

10% tinnitus , denied 1998, 2009 but awarded in 2014





High blood pressure

Denied earlier effective date of tinnitus back to 1998

Denied increase bilateral knees

Have had 6 surgeries on both knees, then just had 2 more on each knee, but VA says knees are SLIGHTLY instable. SMR all state moderate to severe, VA just says reoccurring on all their notes, examiner said Slight.

Orthopedic surgeon wrote a detailed letter stating have moderate - mostly severe instability bilaterally, that's why had knee reconstruction recently but said it will not cure it will just help until can have YKR after I turn 50.

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Well at least you have a pretty good rating already and things seem to be working in your favor for the long haul? I noticed that you and I have or are claiming many of the same contentions? I'm getting close to my own claims decisions now and very curious about the outcomes of what they approve and don't approve? New week will be a full month in the Pending Decision Approval Stage? But, I'm already starting to strategise what actions that I will take after I get the announcement. From what I've read, I figure I would do the NOD, then the DRO review? I believe that I have good evidence but I'm sure that everyone going in feels the same way at some point. Frankly, all of the claims are so different that it's hard to draw parallels but many of the claims trends remain very conistant. In most cases, I think if you get in front of someone such as a DRO, they are able to connect more with the Vet and understand their situation better...most of the claims people I have come in contact have been very nice are are trying to do their jobs to the best of thier abilities...but the waiting gmae is a killer...good luck and godspeed on the rest of your claims...

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I'm only asking for increase in my knees and earlier effective date of tinnitus on my NOD and informal DRO review. I feel that if God and the VA determine I need TDIU then it will be inferred and granted. And going to just wait cause other veterans need help on their claims. I have been unemployed and unemployable since 2013. Just praying that SSDI is granted with the new evidence from the VA. God works wonders because I do not know how me and my family have survived this long with me being unemployable?

I will pray for all on this website and all around that they are safe, healthy, claims are processed fairly and finally have good fortune forever.

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