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  1. The VARO is requesting another C&P to gather another opinion from another examiner. Bring every piece of information you can think of. Give it to the examiner, even if he does not want it. Tell them that the records he has may not include all the information that you have and also tell the examiner that you have previous exams, the examiner may get tired of it and concede in your favor as they did for me because I told them of the numerous exams and brought in all my information. He was surprised I had more information that what was given to him. The other exams was not even given to him e
  2. I don't know the in's and outs of workers comp and VA. But after my knee surgeries I submitted a claim for convalescent leave. Got a statement from the doctor which was written on a piece of paper that said what procedure was done and how long I would be out of work. I also submitted the hospital discharge paperwork and within 3 weeks it was approved and started getting 100% Temp for convalescent leave for the months the doctor stated. Remember that it is better to have the surgery at the end of the month as convalescent doe not start until the first day of the following month after the surger
  3. Just my two cents. I looked up my C&P examiners and most of them even at the VAMC were contracted by the VA. 2 of them had contracts well over 2 million dollars for the contract. You can find anything on Google if your willing and determined. I also showed that piece of paper to my last examiner which I knew would make him mad and in his report he did not metion much except the fact he did not undertand why I had so many C&P exams for the same condition when 3 exams were already completed. His last statement was he conceded the fact and gave me benefit of the doubt and referred the rat
  4. One last question. Should I submit just a plain Nod requesting a DRO review and just show up with all my evidence or should it be all submitted? Seems like playing a poker game, don't want to show my whole hand just so it gives them time to gather evidence to dispute or deny. Honestly don't care about backpay just what I deserve. I have asked God for direction and seems I have to submit it for anything to be done on it. Weither approved or not that is God's will as he is the only higher power and ultimate authority. May God Bless everyone!!!!
  5. Send in a NOD for denial of TDIU but with a DRO review? Or just submit it as a NOD and see what path it takes? Also should I put in the reason for TDIU for bilateral knees or PTSD? Both or just one of them, cause new regulations state any new TDIU claim is automatically looked at as in an request for increase. Or is the NOD just stating I disagree with the denial of TDIU and be grandfathered into the old regulation not requesting a reason for TDIU claim? thank you for your time, help and support. Have all information reading just want to make sure before I hit the FDC button. I also kept my NO
  6. R3Neck, I was awarded in April 2014 after a lengthy battle. Gastone, Hopefully everything will go smoothly as yours did, Thank you both for your time, help and support!!! Guess I will be submittting my FDC packet this weekend. Sending in a NOD for denial of TDIU but with a DRO review? Or just submit it as a NOD and see what path it takes? GOD Bless Everybody!!!! and hope everyone has a great weekend. May everyone be healthy as possible, happy as possible and good fortune coming your ways!
  7. This happened to me for PTSD. First C&P was unfavorable and had all the wrong information, was very rude and only asked me very few questions then sat on computer for 45 mins. I asked for a reconsideration and supplied them with multiple Mental health providers letters etc. I was scheduled to have an exam in Florida on a Friday and I live in Texas. Made the trip anyways and come to find out it was really in Mississippi, good for my wife she got me to the appt on time but was very, very upset. Then had 2 other psychologist review the finding of the unfavorable and the favorable one. Then a
  8. Just an update, Have 2 letters from VA PCP stating I'm unemployable and un-trainable, also stating I can not work or attend training as it would worsen my disability, symptoms Have letter from VOC REHAB ILP Counselor stating I can not work or attend training as it would worsen by disabilities, symptoms Have letter from Highly rated Orthopedic Doctor that did my bilateral knee surgery saying both knees are moderate to severe (This is now total of 8 surgeries on my knees) Have multiple letters from Mental health, Neuropsychogist, Cognitive Therapist, along with their findings of all their tests
  9. Oh one last letter was from my last employer that laid me off/fired me. Stated they made all the accomendations but I was still unable to perform my duties which had to be given to others and I was missing too much work due to my disabilities and dr appts.
  10. Thank you everyone for your advise. I was diagnosed with PTSD, Anxiety, HBP, GERD, IBS, lower back disorder all about the same time frame back in 2013. I was fired from my job so applied for SSDI and haven't worked since. I was denied SSDI the first two times but at the judge level she approved it. I got the judges letter fully favorable within 1 week. Now just waiting for my award letter before SS will talk to me or let me add my bank info or add my dependants. As far as VA claim it was denied for PTSD, knee derangement increase (even after 8 knee surgeries) and denied all other conditions e
  11. Thank you for you help and responses. I will resend in all my information again but this time also include the SSDI that I was just awarded.God willing, he will work thru the rater and see how obvious it is and grant the TDIU. Again thank you!!
  12. Good Afternoon, I had taken time off from my experience with the VA disability system. I was finally awarded 50% PTSD, 40% bilateral knees, 10% tinnitus, 0% hearing loss and a statement saying that I did meet High Blood Pressure compensation but no records making it as a secondary condition. Now my total is 70% as of April 2014. How would I go about getting HBP secondary? Also I have written letters from my VA doctor stating that I'm unemployable, Mental Health stating I'm unemployable and also my Voc Rehab counselor stating I'm untrainable and unemployable. They all stated that even if I wa
  13. I submitted my letter of termination from my employer stating they could no longer keep me employed even after all the accommodations they made for me. Terminated middle of 2013 and haven't worked since. Also submitted my letter from my VA PCP about being unemployable and un trainable. I submitted my letter from ILP counselor stating I was unemployable and un trainable due to my conditions. Multiple exams from neuropsychologist, speech pathologists both stating almost borderline morbid state line. I'm 42 years old and was denied for TDIU, rated at 70%. (VA stated I could perform intermitte
  14. Should I get my VA podiatry doctor to write me an IMO? If he does this for me how do I get this to the RO office? Get the IMO Asap!!! Send it thru ebenefits, mail it to the RO office with certified, signature mail and fax, just so you know that they get it. If your close which you probably arent I would also hand deliver it to the office. Most Vets are not close to the RO office. ​Don't forget to do your convalescent leave as well. That can be a separate FDC claim and at the end put no further evidence and click button to decide claim now, include discharge paperwork, what type of
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