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Trying Again With This Service Connection.

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I am struggling with my claim, I always give up filing due to the stress.

I was involved in a service member attack, shot at etc. on jan 1, 1996 while off duty at a friends apartment. I intervened when a service member attacked my buddy when he was showering. At one point after getting the guy out of the house he shot at me and missed. He turned and went back in the apartment again after my buddy. I went back in again and got him out again, and got the gun away from him.

Our command was decommissioning and wanted this public incident to disappear. After he was court martialed I was told I was being court martialed for going back in the second time. I was told that if I fought it I would go away for ten years under assault for causing troubles.

In the brig I was repeatedly sexually assaulted by a guard.

The buddy that was attacked has a service connection for his PTSD from this incident as well as a heart attack history starting at the age of 38. He lives in a block house in Mexico and sends me death threats for not rescuing him from there.. It's crazy.

My question is this...

I can't get a buddy letter for service connection from my buddy, he won't do it because he hates me.

The other witness is the guy that attacked us.

Lots of service members would write letters for me but none are direct witnesses. How can I establish a service connection for my conditions. I have DBQ for PTSD etc from my va social worker for both MST and PTSD, but it seems like not enough at all.

I have my supervisor that had just left the navy and I stayed with him the night of the incident, my department supervisor, and a current O-5 that I served under that we're not direct witnesses, but knew me before, during, and after the events up until now.

I think my question is if anybody can weigh in on this from experience and let me know what angle they think is best for establishing the service connection. If I have no direct witnesses how does this work? I know mst is different due to the circumstance, but the PTSD thing is hard to connect in my case.


After I finally got before the admin board to determine my discharge, I told them sending me to the brig for going back in to save a shipmates life was the opposite of what is supposed to happen. If we leave others behind or get punished for going back then I want no honorable discharge from that kind of government and they could go f?ck themselves and I'd wear my dishonorable with pride. They gave me an honorable and put me on the corner.

Thanks, I need help, much appreciated.

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Sorry to hear of your issues bud, just don't know how far you will be able to go with this. Good luck and God Bless!!!

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For PTSD - MST there has to be a marker. Do you have records of your stay at the brig? Did you get a STD or some other report of the MST incident. I don't know about the PTSD shooting thing. Perhaps if there is documents that you can provide like an official report incident? Other than that I don't know...

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