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Appeal C&p On Knee

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Good evening,

Have a C&P next week on my right knee and wondering if it comes down to ROM to get higher than 10%. It was rated using paragraph 4.59 in 2012 as painful motion. That was with an x-ray that showed mild arthritis from a right side explosion, damaging right knee.

After telling them forever (two years) that my knee felt loose and was snapping and on occasion the lower leg stayed planted while the joint moved with bones hopping over one another, I received an MRI. The MRI showed both menisci torn with moderate to severe arthritis with high grade acl tear and edema in lateral tibial plateau. Same with femur plus some cysts and crepitus. Got another x-ray afterwards that showed the lateral compartment is now collapsed. I've already gone through 3 or 4 episodes with Hyalgan and Ortho tells me I need a TKR. DRO even mentioned I could get TKR with 100% and 30% afterwards. Was sort of waiting to see if something not quite that barbaric came along.

Are they going to do the ROM thing and forget about the rest of my knee? Thanks for any help.

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Can't say, don't know, haven't the foggiest. But I do feel your pain...literally! I fell down a flight of cement stairs, in November of '92, on day 5 of boot camp at MCRD San Diego. After 6 years of USMC lifestyle, the VA granted me 10%, but it took them 18 months to get there, after my initial claim. I just had a C&P on May 1st. X-ray showed a very clear picture of the significant narrowing of the space between upper and lower parts of both knees. He had X-ray's from '07 to compare to, which I can't recall even getting taken. He said my bi-lateral patellafemoral syndrom is significantly worse. He used fancy words like crepitus, the only one I can recall at this moment. Told me that he expects to see me again in 5 years for another C&P for more increase. And that's with constant pain, in motion and stillness, moderate instability, giving out several times a month, locking up, nearly same frequency, and a cyst the size of a grape in back of my right knee.

When they first finally accepted this, an ortho in Philly said that I would end up with TKR of both, eventually. 15 years later, this guy said the same thing. I am quite anxious to see how this plays out, since it's been one of my biggest issues over the last 2 decades. I know none of this answers your questions, but I hope maybe you may feel less alone.

Semper Fi.


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Sorry for your troubles bud, but that is what those ASSWHO*** did to me. I have had two acl, mcl and Meniscus surgeries on right knee, yet it is rated 10% painful motion, and 0% for residuals of surgeries. L Knee will be SC with my current claim that is about to complete, and I bet it will be 0% or 10% Painful motion. Both SCs granted based on ROM. Good luck and wish you the best.

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It is an inconvenience. The bad part is sleeping. I toss and turn quite a bit, according to my better half and the pain with twisting wakes me. Then it keeps me awake. Was driving dump trucks on the SoCal freeways and it was in their best interests to stay away from my lane.

I guess I should just get the TKR done and limp down the road of life. Better than putting up with the c&ps and the injections, etc.

Thanks for the replies.

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