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Va Re-Evaluation Process

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I have an upcoming VA re-eval.

I have PTSD, Gerd, Sleep apnea.

Can someone please walk me through what to expect for my re-eval appointment.

What can i expect? what questions do they ask?

I believe my re-eval is for PTSD and Sleep apnea.

Im a little uneasy they may drop my rating down.

i have always gone to my appointments, and taken my prescribed meds.

above all, im just curious to know what the overall process is.


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I'm sure some of the members will answer you tomorrow hadit has a template as what they may ask you at the exam and how to answer just hang in there bud!


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I just had my Crohns, PTSD, GERD, and TBI/Migraines reviewed. The exams sucked as usual, and the PTSD was over 2 hours and did a test and looked at some Pics. Just go in there be honest, and give any new medical evidence to Docs. As long as you are still receiving treatment at the VA you should be fine. My current FDC just completed yesterday, and now the VA is Reviewing my last 2 original granted conditions which are Scars and Tongue damage due to surgery. So the VA will have reviewed 6 of my conditions in less than a few months. In fact it back fired in the VAs face, most of the conditions continued at the SC %, and in fact TBI was increased from 30% to 50%. Good luck and everything will be alright bud.

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These were Re evals and I have 2 more in the next few weeks. I was 100% already, and when I submitted this last FDC in Nov 2014, those VA ASS**** thought I was rocking the boat I guess, because I was not up for the Re Eval until Feb 2016. With the next 2 Re evals, it will make 6 total in a few months. Good luck my friend

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