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Ankle And Toe Surgery - Need Help/advice

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Hi there! So today I saw the podiatrist today for another round of steroid injections to my toe and ankle. I am in a lot of pain and it's not getting better. Years of injections to avoid surgery. Right now I am currently S/C for my left ankle.

The doctor is scheduling me for VA Fee Basis surgery to remove the bone chips in my ankle from my previous fractures while on AD and he is going to have my 2nd metatrasal bone shaved down b/c my morton's neuroma is really bad.

I am looking at 6-8 weeks out of commission.

What should I do? Do I apply for Temporary 100% Disability? How does this work?

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Yes to all your questions. The VA usually has an automatic award if you ask them for it for the time you recuperate. Whoever does your surgery would be a big help if theyopined that surgery is necessary fr your service connected condition. YYou don't have to prove that it dates back to your service anymore just that the condition is worse.

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Thank you for responding back to me. Since I might be going outside the VA - Fee Basis how does all of this work? Should I ask my Podiatrist at the VA about the 100% Temporary disability?

When should I submit the increase for my ankle? Before or after my surgery?

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Can someone with expertise help me out...

I have 10% for Ankle Synovitis on my left ankle. I believe the code is 5020 - I can't understand what the different % there are? Is there a 20% max for this disability? I am going to have surgery soon and want to apply for an increase with the Temporary 100%.

The diseases under diagnostic codes 5013 through 5024 Will be rated on limita­tion of motion of affected parts, as arthritis, degenerative, except gout which will be rated under diagnostic code 5002.

Thanks for the help!

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schedule the surgery as close to the end of the month as possible. Because the first month does not count for some reason. Then you start getting approved 100% the first day of the following month and paid 100%.

Remember they are a month behind. So if you have it May 26th your eligible beginning June 1st and will receive June payment on July 1st.

The day you are released ask for discharge paperwork. Also ask the doctor to write out the procedure done, the date it was done and say 2 months of convalancent or longer if rehab is necessary as well till your 100%. So if rehab is another month add that so have doctor write 3 months convalancent. Can even write it out on a doctor prescription pad. Don't have him put 6-8 weeks cause VA will choose the 6 week one.

As soon as you get home scan it and upload it as an FDC claim and it should be approved and completed within a couple weeks. Discharge paperwork, date surgery was done, script for number of months convalacent.

After surgery and your claim for convalacent is completed then apply for an increase using FDC, make sure to have ALL your documents so you don't have to upload something you forgot and risk turning it into a traditional claim.

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