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Misdiagnosed? Now New Claim?

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Here is my issue, I was med boarded out of the Army in 1984 for 1. 4538: Recurrent right subclavian vein thrombosis

( Principal cause- combined rating W/ diagnosis two-10%)

2. 7383: Right first rib resection performed 10 Apr84 for treatment of a

possible thoracic outlet syndrome

At the time I was getting out, I was so grateful for the $6000. severance package, I thought I had just ended my military career. It wasn't until I talked to another vet and learned that after being on anticoagulant meds and over 30 blood clots later, that I should ask for an increase. I sent for a copy of my medical records and then found out that they never even looked at the thoracic outlet syndrome as a real issue, gave me a right rib resection, but dropped the ball on the thoracic outlet syndrome. My current VA Dr. says that I do have Thoracic outlet syndrome and am being treated for it, as well as for the blood clots in my right arm. Any ideas on how I should approach this or what I should do with this? Will it be a new claim? Any opinions or help would be greatly appreciated, it' s the first time in over 30 years that I'm asking for an increase and have no idea what I am looking at.

Also, how cool of all of you to be there for all the Vets out there! Thanks for taking the time to help!

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I wish i could help, from my gut i would say that its slim chance. If you do research contact specialists in that field, cardio, send them what was available as far as exam notes from military time and VA (if applicable) when you were first diagnosed with an issue. find out if they feel in their opinion that thoracic outlet syndrome should have been looked at from a normal diagnosis point of view. basically do they as specialists feel as though it was a no brainer that this should have been checked?

The problem with getting an earlier EED date is that it has to be based on what the VA had available at the time, if the military dropped the ball in diagnosis and said it was something else and thats what the VA had, then its not really the VA's fault that they didnt rate you for that.

Start the claim for increase immediately to lock down your date for retro. so even if they wont backdate it.

I would wait for Berta to respond to this whether or not she thinks this might works as a CUE case. might even start a new thread with "Is this a CUE case"

State what you wrote above but in more detail. she will probably see it.

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