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!00% temp award

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So I got awarded a 100% temp disability rating for bipolar adjustment disorder with anxiety, depressed mood and insomnia. Even though my C&P exam showed PTSD along with many other Drs I did not receive a rating for ptsd. I was sure the C&P exam was for ptsd, but I don't know what happened because when I got there the dr told me it was for my bipolar (even though all drs beside the C&P and the original dr have ruled bipolar out). So I was given the rating based on the bipolar disorder that was wrongfully diagnosed. I'm happy to have a diagnosis that I can truly get help for, I'm entering a PTSD inpatient program Weds. However, I don't have the fight in me anymore to keep dealing with the va or military in regards to the wrongful diagnosis. I don't want to deal with it anymore. No more appeals, NOD's. I'm done. They won. My question is after I get help, if I feel better after this program, I need to go back to work as my disability rating is temp and because I was an LVN until 2012, I can't let 5 more years pass on without working as a nurse because I'll lose my knowledge and skills (no way I'm going to remember how to be a nurse after only working as one for 2 years and then not working again for 8 years). So I know with a 100% temp rating you can't earn more than so much money. However, we can't afford for me not to work after the 5 years go by and my rating can drop or whatever. So I guess I need to know how to drop the rating after I get the help I need. I actually don't want any compensation from the va after this, I really don't want to be associated with the military anymore. I just want the help I need by going in this program and then be done with the military forever. I don't want to associate myself as a veteran or anything anymore as I'm disgusted by the treatment I've received. So can someone help me and tell me how to go about dropping everything after I get out and hopefully receive the help I need for once? I have calvet appointee but she's not responding or helping. I'm just done. Going back to work as a nurse will give me and my family health insurance and the money that we need to get our bills and other stuff paid.

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When you go in to the inpatient program hopefully you will have a counselor. Bring up your conflicted feelings about your diagnosis and how you've been treated if you can. You may feel differently about your rating and your future plans if the inpatient program goes well.

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The TDIU will continue during in patient treatment.  If you are discharged, it is ended and your original rating goes back into effect.  I'm not sure if they can give you IU for convalescence after you get discharged from treatment on PTSD, its a good question.  IU for convalescence is 3-6 months and can be extended.


On the nursing education, you can get help with this also.  Vocational rehab is good for 12 years post discharge (or from the date you are initially given a disability rating) .  Go sign up for VR&E. The will also give you a small stipend while you go back to school to recertify or advance your education.



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