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DIC Question



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Ms berta,

Do you know if a widow has to report a change in income  if she is getting DIC  monthly? 

Back when her Hubby died 3 years ago (2012) from his SC disabilitys she was employed with a good paying job 60.000 year and they were getting his VA Disability with SMC;s Award to the fullest amount.

  He  Had HB, A'&A AND another one k I believe?  they were raking in 0ver a 100.000 grand a year before he died...and about a year/16 Months or so before he died she got this high paying job ...then year later her hubby died from his SC Disabilitys and she filed for the DIC through her small home town VSO..her check was approx 1300 month  give or take a few bucks

Now she lost her High paying job...


''Do you know if I need to report my income her back to the VA now that I lost my job? report that she is not working?

 If she is not working now does she need to report that to the VA? Thinking she might get more on her DIC check  now that she is not working?


I told her I think everything stays as it is  but I'm not sure I'll ask you.

so does she need to report her loss 0f income now? and not working/ does that make he eligible for higher DIC?

OR does it stay the same as it is now?


 Thanks  I appreciate it


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I agree with broncovet about DIC not reporting income.  

Another thought came to mind regarding the widow.  If she had health insurance with her former employer, she needs to notify Champva that she no longer has the insurance.   


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  • HadIt.com Elder

Thanks GP & Branco.

No she don't have insurance with her employer  champva is all she has.

 she contacted her VSO and he said that she don't need to report anything  that she is good and should continue to receive the DIC Checks at the amount she is getting.

she was just wondering because she did have to report her income to the VA when she filed for the DIC after her hubby died  and  the reason she ask is she din't know if her working that  DIC paid less?  and now that she is not working   she wanted to know if she would be entiltied to more DIC? with her not working now.



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DIC, like Veterans Compensation, is independent of how much we earn.   You could be a millionaire and get Veterans compensation.  Max Cleland was a politician and a disabled Veteran.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Max_Cleland 

Pension, on the other hand, is needs based and directly related to how much the Veteran earns.  

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