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Pending Decision Approval

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All,  So I filed a NOD about two months ago on 3 contentions.  Originally E Benefits had a decision date for Jan 2016.  Then about 3 weeks ago it went to March of 2016.  Then today it now says that all 3 are Pending Decision Approval.  When I received my letter from VA asking if I wanted to go the normal appeals route or DRO, I chose DRO.  I really think I had a CUE, but didn't realize I could do a CUE at the time.  My question is, has anyone ever had a DRO Review go to pending decision approval so fast?  I am thinking that its probably not good news since they appear to have made a decision with such haste.  The DRO hasn't even contacted me to ask any questions as I am overseas.  I hope against all hope that the DRO didn't just pencil whip it and deny them just to move it along to the normal appeals process.  After reading all the horror stories here at hadit, I just fear the worst.  I know I have to wait on the envelope, I was just curious if anyone had ever seen it move so fast.  Something seems amiss.  The 3 items I NOD'ed, I feel they really just blew over them during the C&P and didn't look at the evidence already in my records.  That's why I think I screwed up, and probably should have done a CUE instead.

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I wouldn't put too much stock in that status change on e-benefits. I've heard many reports of the status changing, then changing back, dates moving around, etc. There are scenarios where, while waiting for DRO review, the R.O. recognizes mistakes that they've made and claims get reconsidered, prior to actual DRO review. You can call the VA for clarification. Often, the 1800 number will provide some insight into what you are seeing on e-benefits. I am doubtful that what you are seeing is the result of the DRO process. Please let us know when you figure it out, so we can have better answers for the next veteran.

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"Pending Decision Approval," very strange, but who really knows. Just be sure to have your direct deposit account set up to notify you of all transactions.

If you get an Award and there is Retro involved, it will hit your bank account 2 to 3 weeks before you get the Big Brown Award Envelope.

As to how fast your DRO review moved. Just maybe, you supplied such compelling "New & Material Evidence" that was not available to the original Rater, that the DRO came down on your side right away. If so, great right, no complaints; your a happy VET.

Not much more that you can do, but wait.

Semper Fi

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