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problems with the slide bar??


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is anyone having problems with your slide bar? like your computer screen is not wide enough  my LT screen is a 15.5  the office computer screen desk top is 24'

I have to click on the little arrow at the bottom every time I go to read a post in ''new content'' I have to slide the bar back so it goes back to the left side to see ''new content''  I have adjusted my screen size  but it seems that the hadit site is much wider  and I need to slide the side bar back to the left  to fit my screen each time,..if I go to smaller screen  then my text is to small...Its fairly small I been having to do this each time..unless I click on the back arrow.

Do we need to do this each time  or what am I doing wrong?  never was that way on the previous site before this change.


Has anyone had this problem and if so what did you do to correct it!


I guess its no biggie  just wondering if its just my screen.




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I have that problem here every time I come on line.

I think I am getting used to it...but when the format changed here it was around the same time I got a new PC and everything was different for me.. I assume you mean the bottom scroll bar...

At some point I lost the side scroll bar AND the bottom scroll bar and had to use my keyboard keys to scroll through the threads....that was miserable and time consuming but one day I came on line here and all seemed to be working like it did on the older board.Except for the new content I have to scroll to ,to click on it. 

Sometimes for some reason the site seems to be slower than usual to me....

then again ,it is my problem, I am always pressed for time and don't have much patience.

I have had problems with doubles and triple posts here lately......high winds at my elevation will cause that sometimes, but I have gotten a security message from Armor a few times saying my account wont allow the post...(.last one was an image) but then it came up here anyhow,3 times and  I dont seem to get the Delete button I used to have.

I think we all have to get used to the new format, Buck. And I noticed we still get posters who have not tried to even access the information that is already here, that will help them. The repetition alone, for the regs and info etc that already is  available here , for us ,who come here every day to try to help vets ,is enough to burn anyone out. 



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Yes Mam Ms berta  I meant the bottom scroll bar! (sorry)

It just seems to me   like my screen is not big enough to fit this new format, it may make a difference if the screen size was bigger, because I have adjusted my screen size to try to fit but its to small for me to read when I do  so I put my screen size and text to its recommended screen size.

And I too have got use to sliding  the scroll bar at the bottom to slide the screen back to the left side to see the  word  ''new content''

if I don't click on new content each time  it takes me back to older post.


Ms berta when you have problems like  double/ triple post...try restarting your computer or turn off your computer completly  and wait a minute or so then turn it back may help   but it may not!   thats what I do sometimes it helps some times it don't.

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