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Diabetic Retinopathy

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I had a C&P of my diabetic retinopathy late last month. It took the optometrist a couple weeks to finish the report and I read it two days ago.  She stated during the exam that my eyes weren't bad at all and noted on the C&P write-up that I had "very mild diabetic neuropathy".  and that I had one spot on one eye and two on another.  I went for my regularly scheduled exam (again the VA) yesterday and was told something very different, first my eye pressure was high (considerably higher than noted on the C&P 2 weeks ago) and it was stated that I actually have three spots on one eye and that they were all very close to the optical nerve.  They put me on a 6-month evaluation schedule and told me that if I notice any change in my vision to call them immediately.  Yesterday's optometrist told me they have a retina specialist on staff that should also look at my eyes to see if there is anything they can do.  This doesn't sound like "very mild peripheral neuropathy" to me.

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A very inadequate Eye exam on my husband, who had suddenly gone from 20/20 vision without glasses on his VA employment physical and drivers license,to the inability to properly read some stuff at VA that was part of his job , a few months later, and then be unable to even take a shot at 7 deer I chased at that deer season (with a new scope on his Mossberg a scope he had never needed before), was part of my successful FTCA case against them.(wrongful death)

I think you might  need an independent eye exam. This is just my opinion.

But then again ,with the conflicting info from the docs, maybe they will certainly do more medically for you, at the next appointment.






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Thank you Berta, that is exactly what I did, made an appointment with an outside ophthalmologist.

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