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  1. Jerrel

    Blue Water Navy-from John Rossie

    Thank you for posting this on the BWN Berta..Jerrel View all unread
  2. Jerrel

    Thoughts on change to IU at retirement age??

    Thank You JBasser we like to clear up any thing that might be of error.
  3. Jerrel

    Thoughts on change to IU at retirement age??

    Well put Buck thank you..
  4. Jerrel

    Thoughts on change to IU at retirement age??

    Thank you Berta.. Thank You broncovet
  5. Good luck on your 100% Robert, it may save the day for you..
  6. Jerrel


  7. Jerrel


    COOK19700918-Operation Cleanup Ltr.pdf D2D_Executive_Summary.pdfD2D_Executive_Summary.pdf Ensuring VA Employee Accountability Act One Pager.pdf lii_usc_TI_18_PA_I_CH_101_SE_2071.pdf VAOIG-10-00936-158.pdf 1968chem (1) (1).pdf ViewPublication.asp.pdf 4_9_15.pdf
  8. Jerrel


    Ft. Greely_AK. 1_Dec_1965_Guide06052016 - Copy.pdf
  9. Jerrel


  10. Jerrel

    Project Shad

    Project 12/SHAD is still going strong most Veterans are still fighting their claims. Jerel
  11. We wil be praying for you Buck and god luck.Jerel
  12. Please remember that the call in # 347 237 4819 and the first 25 callers will get to talk to J Basser and you can have a free glass of water to so don't be late..
  13. I use Medicare A & B + USAA as a gap that has worked out very well for me however the USAA for plan F is over $150.00 a mo but yours could be less just depends..

  14. Thank you Berta this was a very good show James has a lot of info on AO. Jerrel
  15. Thank you for calling in to the radio show Mark..we did

    enjoy your input. Feel free to contact me at any time

    so we can put you on as a guest speaker..

    Jerrel Cook


    417 626 8310

    1. Mark D Worthen PsyD

      Mark D Worthen PsyD

      Thanks Jerrel! 

      Sorry for the delay in responding. I was much busier leaving the VA than I anticipated--so many little details. :wacko:

      But that's all done, and I am now busily working on setting up my private practice. I would be glad to be a guest on your radio show. It is a superb service you offer veterans. :biggrin:

      All the Best,


    2. Jerrel


      Thank You Mark just let me know when you get all

      set up and have some time..



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