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  1. Retro finally hit the bank. Nothing on Ebenefits or no letter yet. Good 3 signature amount even after attorney got his score. 4 decades of retro. Now CAVC wait begins in earnest. 7 1/2 months from BVA decision to implementation.
  2. Thanks. Of four issues appealed to BVA, two granted (although lowballed) and two denied. No remand. Still waiting on processing, promulgation, implementation, whatever they call it. Denied issues and lowballed grant now at CAVC.
  3. Don't hold your breath. My BVA grants of 2/13/19 still have not been processed.
  4. Here is an interesting link from a law firm. https://www.hillandponton.com/disability-and-addictions-do-drugs-and-alcohol-matter/ I have always followed the old adage "keep your mouth shut." That pertains to cops, neighbors, the wife and/or mistress, the boss, well, you get the picture. Less (talk) is more at a C&P exam unless you are well versed. Many vets shoot themselves in the foot by talking too much. It has been my experience that the examiner is not your friend. That my be harsh, but it has been my experience. It has also been my experience for a doctor to encourage me to get out and live as much as possible despite my disabilities only to have that used against me at appeal. Certainly, do not lie, but do not understate your symptoms. And be careful volunteering any info. If they don't ask, don't tell. FWIW
  5. Over 4 1/2 months since BVA partial grant, partial denials, no remand. I sent my local RO certified letter a couple of weeks ago inquiring (pretty much knowing that nothing would happen) about implementing the partial grants. Heard nothing so far. If it comes down to a writ down the road, I will at least have that on record. I have appealed denials to CAVC. As crazy as it sounds, is it possible to get joint remand out of CAVC before original BVA partial grant is implemented?
  6. You have BPH. It's benign. It's common in old farts. If there is no family history or you have no other extraordinary risk factors, don't worry about cancer. Getting up three or more times a night can be because of incomplete emptying as well as, as we age we don't sleep so soundly so having to go will wake us. I was forced to use catheters until my surgery, and it wasn't all that bad once you get used to it. I tell you what, using a catheter to empty out just before bedtime can get you hours of sound sleep. Don't knock it until you try it as the saying goes and I mean nothing personal. In my own case, towards the end, I was peeing every 15 minutes because I couldn't empty out. When I would go, I would go until it stopped like everyone else on the planet. The difference was, when I felt I was done, there was still 95% in my bladder. So, it only took a short time until it got to 100% again and I had to go again. It was so bad toward the end, that I had to plan trips. I knew where every rest stop, outhouse and convenience store was within 500 miles. And, fwiw, I've never felt any relief with all the herbal stuff like saw palmetto. I'm not a believer. Good luck, friend. You will be fine.
  7. I've had BPH for years and like most, I waited until it was intolerable ( can't go at all). I've tried Terazosin, Finasteride to no avail. I've had two PAE's (prostatic artery embolization), not much help at all. Finally I had Greenlight Photovaporization procedure at Mayo in Rochester. That did the trick, but came with some permanent side effects. I have no regrets. Don't wait until you can't go at all. That will require a trip to the emergency room. Sadly, you have to do something. It ain't going away. Good luck.
  8. Congratulations. So, your partial BVA grant was just now implemented after 10 months? I thought, according to a Fast Letter, that partial BVA grants are to be implemented immediately without regard to the 120 day CAVC appeal deadline.
  9. I was granted eed to many years back by BVA. It was then sent back to VARO for rating and implementation. They lowballed me, paid retro, and then we appealed that lowball rating. If VARO implements all BVA decisions, how would BVA word a grant? Would they just say original rating was too low and send it back to VARO for another higher rating or would BVA determine a percentage for VARO to implement?
  10. If you get just plain ol' Medicare, you get part A AND B. If you are on SSDI, you can have them deduct the premium ($109ish)from that monthly. You must pay out of pocket for meds, but sometimes you can have your VA Primary Care Doctor prescribe them for you and get them for free. Medicare only pays 80% and that remaining 20% of an expensive bill can break the budget So, I got a BCBS supplement plan for about $77/mo. Hell, I was paying $68 per month for YMCA, but the supplemental plan pays that now (Silver Sneakers),so it was a no-brainer - a very nice plan for $9 more a month. So, I'm paying close to $200 for health insurance over and above VA, but I have damn good insurance accepted 'round the world with ridiculously low co-pays and pretty much my choice of doctors.
  11. I am now 70% schedular and 100% TDIU p&t. I am appealing for an EED. Subsequent to my filing date, my Navy veteran son attended and graduated from 4 year college under post 9/11 GI Bill. If I prevail and receive an EED, would my child be eligible for Chapter 35 Benefits also? Am I wrong for even thinking about this? I can't help but think it smacks of double-dipping. TIA.
  12. As others have advised, do NOT miss the C&P exam. I can't know for sure, but it seems to me that they do indeed want to trump your IMO by a more recent C&P. I say that because, in my own case, I had submitted a well-written bulletproof IMO (not IME) by a well-credentialed doctor only to have it later trumped by a 5-minute C&P exam performed by a nurse. Although I won most of my NOD (TDIU), they used the C&P to determine an effective date, which was the date of the exam. Again, although I won most of my claims, I received not a nickel retro. We all know they are reluctant to award significant retro (and mine will be 6 figures) at the RO level, so I suppose that may be why they scheduled the C&P. Of course, they haven't heard the last of me. It's on to the next level for an EED. :) Good luck!
  13. I intend to buy Veterans Benefits Manual from LexisNexis. When does the 2015 edition come out and will it be drastically different? Should I wait until 2015 edition comes out or just buy current one? Thanks
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